28 July 2013

Just had to show you

Just had to show you this 19th century quilt I picked up last week.
Sort of a pineapple applique. The pineapple has long been known as a symbol of hospitality.

More research needed to be done on more precise dating. I am thinking about 1860!!. Any thoughts on this welcome.
Barbara Brackman where are you when I need you.

24 July 2013

liberty scarves....more.

More Liberty scarves for my collection.

Sweet cornflower blue floral, I'm sure I have this in other colorways.

1960s - 70s abstract. Possibly my least favorite of the over 800 Liberty scarves that I have. Yes, it is very much 'of the era' but I still am not enamored, I dislike the rather mean stitched hem and it does not seem to have the quality of the other 799.

My current fav.....nice art nouveau imprint , hand rolled hem and soft colors.

19 July 2013

a shirt

One of my customers is the parent of Emily Foden, pictured here in the first edition of Pom Pom magazine.

Emily is a very talented dyer,  currently working in England.  She is wearing a vintage wool workshirt that her parents bought for her from my market stand.

 I hope that she does not read this blog as she is soon to get another vintage plaid shirt from the 1970s.

 She is sure to love it.....specially the label. Must look into getting a subscription to Pom Pom.

15 July 2013


Its perverse, I know,  to show you my latest blanket labels on the hottest, stickiest day yet, but  I always find summer is the best time for picking up old wool blankets....perhaps no one else shopping  the thrift stores wants them at this time.

First up, a Witney blanket sold at an American department store. I believe the last mill in Witney closed in 2002.

Is this a Horn Bros  label.....if so, I have not seen this one before. The rams head looks more like a Kenwood.

 Airedale....wonder if this is from Yorkshire, or a Canadian make? I had to re hem this blanket but sewed the label back on. Pretty colors on this.

 My favorite Canadian label....so patriotic.

 A printed, rather than woven  , Scottish label....love those hills.

 Another Ayers, with a different colour way.

 Ayers had different 'lines' of blanket too.


 Another from Scotland, very popular here in Ontario.

Finally, a car rug from England, about 1940- 50 I should think. All going on my flickr collection

12 July 2013

Last dance

For 15 years my chosen form of exercise is NIA and I have been lucky enough to have some fabulous classes available in  a large, airy church hall just a four minute !!!!walk away.

Alas, the church is now scheduled for demolition to make way for  high rise  condominiums. This was my last class in that space. (not very full as it is the summer holidays)

 Although Martha, above in the blue top, and my other terrific teacher, Lainie have found other spaces in the area to work from,  getting there is going to be more of a challenge, sometimes involving a car, and often parking....sigh.

  Nia has meant the world to me and seen me through a broken ankle, 2 new hips, arthritis in the upper spine, an extra 25lbs, emotional ups and downs and now arthritis in the hands.
It is such a welcoming and non-judgmental program, I have never felt out of place even when dancing with folks one quarter of my age in fab shape and  professional dancers.
Classes can be found all over the world and I have found  and attended them in England and New Zealand.

I hereby give warning to  Martha and Lainie....'I am not done yet". 

09 July 2013

Great buy.....but what is it?

Out at the thrift stores today. This was a great buy for 99 cents. But what is it?

Spools of bright fine yarn that seem like wool, a funny tool that looks like a mini paint roller or potato peeler and a thin wire.
The logo reads 'needle magic' , in  script coming out of a teapot.

Google does not reveal much,   custom drapes, needlepoint kits, cosmetic enhancement . The nearest I can come is a question asked in 2008 on Sew Whats Up, an on line community for sewers and quilters.
Any ideas out there?

03 July 2013

I need more vintage linens....

On the way up to the cabin last week we stopped at a thrift store that is usually disappointing. This time the staff were just putting out some vintage linens......that I need like a hole in the head.
However, among the pile I hurriedly  picked up and bought were....


an 'arts and crafts'cotton table runner, beautifully made. I reckon it dates from about 1910.

a knitted lace table topper or very large doily. Crocheted  lace table toppers, however lovely,  are a dime a dozen, but I am specially fond of knitted lace.


and a European embroidered large rectangular cloth. The traditional embroidery is  vivid and fresh, the cloth itself is most likely hand woven, quite coarse with a seam down the middle......it has such character.

Not  bad, eh?

I wonder what stories these pieces have to tell.

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