03 July 2013

I need more vintage linens....

On the way up to the cabin last week we stopped at a thrift store that is usually disappointing. This time the staff were just putting out some vintage linens......that I need like a hole in the head.
However, among the pile I hurriedly  picked up and bought were....


an 'arts and crafts'cotton table runner, beautifully made. I reckon it dates from about 1910.

a knitted lace table topper or very large doily. Crocheted  lace table toppers, however lovely,  are a dime a dozen, but I am specially fond of knitted lace.


and a European embroidered large rectangular cloth. The traditional embroidery is  vivid and fresh, the cloth itself is most likely hand woven, quite coarse with a seam down the middle......it has such character.

Not  bad, eh?

I wonder what stories these pieces have to tell.

1 comment:

  1. Jan! we missed you, but your back with a bang! These are so beautiful!
    Lovely to have you linking in x


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