09 July 2013

Great buy.....but what is it?

Out at the thrift stores today. This was a great buy for 99 cents. But what is it?

Spools of bright fine yarn that seem like wool, a funny tool that looks like a mini paint roller or potato peeler and a thin wire.
The logo reads 'needle magic' , in  script coming out of a teapot.

Google does not reveal much,   custom drapes, needlepoint kits, cosmetic enhancement . The nearest I can come is a question asked in 2008 on Sew Whats Up, an on line community for sewers and quilters.
Any ideas out there?


  1. If it weren't for the roller, I'd guess they were spools of darning yarn.

    Could it be an attachment for an old knitting machine? I know machine knitters often prefer yarn on cones/spools.

  2. thank you....I will actually use the yarn for darning.

  3. The one piece looks like a threader for needle punch. The fine yard would be the right size for punch work.

  4. Oooh, I don't know Jan but I've just wasted half an hour looking!! Somebody, somewhere, must recognise it.


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