28 October 2013


Firushiki, the traditional japanese wrapping cloths are sometimes found in the scarf section of my local thrift stores.

Always beautifully designed,

with fine quality printing,

  they may be modern or


  They may be rayon, silk or cotton.

 When I have collected a dozen or so they are put in a basket and taken with me to market.

Occasionally  I am lucky enough to find some hand painted and signed.. but not often.

I am going to print thishttp://furoshiki.com/techniques to pop in the basket. 

22 October 2013

In hiding

Once more I have unearthed a collection of items I had totally forgotten.

A bag of vintage gentlemens ties that were hidden under a bulky collection of saris.

There were old 4  cravats, my favorite is the Macclesfield silk. It may be from the 1930s as the silk weavers in Macclesfield were mostly churning out parachutes during the war. I was treated like a queen when I toured Paradise Mills in Macclesfield a few years ago.

Some nice mid century designs....

 as well as 1970s flower power.  A quick swish in suds is required for most, but I think I can revive them so that they will join my tie section on Etsy

  Popped into Goodwill on my way to the Post Office this morning and picked up another Liberty scarf for my collection.... nice deep ruby red and olive.

.......thank goodness the summer doldrums are over.

18 October 2013

lets see......

Last Saturday this vibrant group ( sorry,lovelies, I do not know who you are) danced their butts or bellies off at the Brickworks.

 They had such a good time, and so did the spectators.

Inspired by them, and at the request of a customer,I decided to put together a basket of Indian and Asian vintage fabrics to take with me to market tomorrow.

Not a 'look 'I usually take to Evergreen . A more country approach seem to fit the venue, but we shall see.

I must say I have some gorgeous pieces.

13 October 2013

Thrift store finds.

A couple of visits to the thrift shops since my sister was here on holiday. She picked up  a couple of nice cruets and some bone handled carving sets.....I do hope she did not put them in her hand luggage.

  She twisted my arm and made me buy this hand knitted, very seasonal, Canadian, 80s cardigan.....note the maple leaf buttons. It will give my market stall an autumn look I hope.

 A couple of lengths of fine quality heavy cotton.

 Some more Canadian blankets that I need like a hole in the head, but, Hey,  they are a pair!

 How about them apples.....a red and white 'Lone Star" quilt. Possibly from the 30s in almost perfect nick. ( sorry about the dappled sunlight, the weather has been perfect)

And, after a hiatus of several months, a Liberty scarf for my collection. 

06 October 2013

Fabulous October weather

 The weather was fabulous for what is, most likely, my last week at the cabin for 2013. The requisite mending in the background.

Can you believe this is October? The nights are cool, so we light the fire.

On the way home we stopped in Coldwater, where I met Ray, a charmer,  and had a chat with him about parachuting! He has first hand experience, I could not think of anything more frightening.

  See you next year......

02 October 2013

more knitting patterns

My blog buddy MaryAnne sent me a terrific surprise last week. A fat envelope of vintage knitting patterns.

 The patterns range from  the 30s to the early 1970s,though I am not sure what era the young lady below, in the mohari cardi is from. What a bizarre hairdo.

 This lively booklet is from the makers of Monarch yarns, with factories at Dunnville, St Catharines, St Thomas  and Toronto, Ontario. Another memo to self to do some research on these old mills.

 My favorite patterns are in a special supplement of 'Beehive for Bairns'. Bed Jackets with matching baby jackets. I am very tempted to knit one....either  or both sizes

This is not the first time MA has been very generous and thoughtful.

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