30 November 2014

Scarf for November

Its the end of the month and I still have not posted my scarf for November.

Here it is.   The Festival of Britain souvenir.1951.

Not only do I love the strong graphics

but I have been looking for this scarf for ever!!!  I found it last week.

Unfortunately there is a wear/tear area over Oxford University so I am not sure whether it is sell-able  ( or is that saleable) or not. In fact, I am not sure whether I want to sell it at all.


28 November 2014

Thrifting today

A day out at the local thrift stores. I had not been for a couple of months and was having withdrawal symptoms.

The back of my van revealed the days loot. Up front a Horn Brothers emerald green blanket.

An unusual applique,  depression era quilt that is rather dirty so it is now soaking in Oxyclean.

A nice length of romantic barkcloth.

 A picnic blanket or car rug from Cape Breton. I never knew they had their own tartan. This pic will be put in my blanket label collection.

A crazy quilt top, foundation pieced from the 1940s.....perfect, never used condition.

 Dresden Plate,  just needs a couple of small seams fixed. Actually it is bright yellow, don't know what happened to this photo, it was a very grey day.

Some embroidered tablecloths that I need like a hole in the head! Only one has a stain. Into the soak with it as soon as applique  quilt comes out.

A lovely piece of needlepoint.

Of course, there were some scarves, but they will have their own post.

24 November 2014

A quandary

What to do?  This is a  perfectly nice working mans  wool quilt from about 1940 or earlier, just needs a couple of seam separations fixed.

The underside has a largish tear revealing a much older 19th century, turkey red quilt inside.

Should I take the whole thing apart and retrieve the older quilt or not?  Wool quilts are a hard sell and I have several. Perhaps I would be better off selling the  antique cutter quilt and a vintage  wool quilt top.

I hesitate to put the ' as is'  quilt up in my etsy shop as it is so darn heavy the postage would be

20 November 2014

Goodbye and Hello

Our old Miele washing machine finally bit the dust.

So we bought a new one.


  Our old friend was 21 years old and had stood up to almost industrial use. Used not only for family but for my vast stock of



vintage fabrics and drapes

and vintage sweaters. 

It was also abused by other members of this family who overload, use the wrong detergent and wash everything on the highest possible temperature so that underwear elastic disintegrates immediately.

New machine ( at great expense I may add)  seems promising if I can work out the IT settings.

17 November 2014

quilt show

The York Heritage Quilters Guild held  held their tri-annual (is that the word for every 3 years?) exhibition this weekend at Edwards Gardens here in Toronto.

I went along.

This was my favorite quilt, made from fabrics collected whilst the maker was touring France. I think she started it while travelling.

One of the very few  real ' scrappy' quilts on display. ( below)
  Although there were many magnificent quilts to be seen,  I am not intrigued by the ones that made from pre-packaged  matchy-matchy  fabric bundles.

Technically proficient, but they reveal very little about the maker.....perhaps she/he is unsure of their own taste.

Some were for sale at IMO very reasonable prices. $600 for a huge, original homemade quilt! You can pay that for a factory made item just because it has Ralph Lauren written on it.

You can see my taste runs to the more traditional patterns and blocks.

Reproduction cottons below, the maker wanted to use up her scraps from the previous quilt and had made 64 two and one half inch fans that were used for the border,

Smaller art quilts or wall hangings around the corridors, 'Urban Growth' caught my eye.

I was exhausted, so I sat down for a coffee and scone

to peruse my treats.

11 November 2014

catch me if you can

Quilts on the line for an airing in our somewhat ugly side drive.

There is always something hanging up, like this very nice 1930s tied star quilt made almost entirely of printed feedsacks.

Pretty red work, dated 1928,  alas has some color bleed and fade. Hanging on the line gives me an opportunity to assess items as well as giving them a rinse if it rains.

Made in the 1980s  I would guess with nice hand quilting in a simple  dahlia motif.

Not a hand made quilt, but a commercial bedspread from the 1950 s  ( have to get rid of that small stain when the washing machine is fixed)

Catch me if you can........next to a mid century curtain panel that need a soak in Oxyclean.

Roman Stripe with a floral back, you can see it here. They usually stay up on the line for a few days.

 Expect more of these posts as I am home till January.

04 November 2014


 666...the magic number.

666 sales in foulardfantastique
my favorite etsy shop.

 Vintage ties , my most recent addition are doing well.

Next stop.....700.

02 November 2014

Filthy Halloween

Halloween was filthy this year, freezing cold and pouring with rain.

But Chef Ramsey and Titania made it from across the road....I think that's dad in the background.
What ever am I going to do with all those candies?

The next day was my last outdoor  market day for the year......again filthy.
" Mixed Precipitation " ,  that meant snow, rain, howling winds and freezing cold . I know that I have boasted I like selling in the cold but. this was ridiculous and I had my worst day ever!!

 However, this Christmas cactus is ahead of the game

and the last tomatoes are ripening indoors. They are a Russian variety, very tasty indeed,  but if I told you where I buy the seeds I would have to kill you.

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