02 November 2014

Filthy Halloween

Halloween was filthy this year, freezing cold and pouring with rain.

But Chef Ramsey and Titania made it from across the road....I think that's dad in the background.
What ever am I going to do with all those candies?

The next day was my last outdoor  market day for the year......again filthy.
" Mixed Precipitation " ,  that meant snow, rain, howling winds and freezing cold . I know that I have boasted I like selling in the cold but. this was ridiculous and I had my worst day ever!!

 However, this Christmas cactus is ahead of the game

and the last tomatoes are ripening indoors. They are a Russian variety, very tasty indeed,  but if I told you where I buy the seeds I would have to kill you.


  1. Even your pumpkin looks unhappy with the weather (and I can't blame him!). It was SO depressing to wake up to that awful stuff yesterday morning.

  2. ...and over here it was the warmest Halloween ever reaching 20 C! Everyone, well maybe apart from the scary guy at the back, look like they had fun.

  3. It was hot here too! It was husband's birthday and we had a mini birthday party with cake and sparkly in the garden - I even heard my neighbour splashing in his pool. We deserved it after a summer that was complete pants but it is supposed to be breaking up a little this week :(
    I love that your pumpkin looks miserable - did you plan it like that?

    1. Its my daughters birthday too, never had to come up with a theme for the party.
      The pumpkin was carved like that 'cos the squirrels had a wee feast , little teeth and claw marks where the eyes are.

  4. Sorry to hear the weather has been against you. Your toms look very interesting and tasty.


    1. yes, they are the only variety I have found lately that have any flavor....even the 'heirloom'ones seem pretty tasteless, perhaps its my taste buds going.


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