27 June 2012

Yet another scarf update

A new Hermes scarf for me, picked up thrifting this week.

 'Les Fetes du Roi Soleil'. This one has a lot going for it....good condition ( one tiny spot) , a French theme, exuberant design, 'fireworks' motif in the weave, a title and a designer. I think this is a keeper and will join my collection.


Bought on the same trip. I am sure this is an old Liberty scarf.....no label or logo, but I am sure. The color, motif and finish tell me so. I have been this route before and  wonder how long it will be before I find a replica  with a logo or label. Once I waited  15 years.

24 June 2012

Saturday at the Brickwork's market.

Its difficult to capture the quirky space I have at the Brickworks Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

 Two pieces of antique foundry equipment are surrounded by a (rather ugly) metal fence, so I am able to use them as a 'quilt rack'. I try to make the space colorful and inviting.

 Still a work in progress. I had injured my shoulder hanging  heavy wet quilts on the line, thank goodness Trish was there with her massage tent to give me some attention. Trish and Jean (a reflexologist) are added value to the market.

 This gentleman came by hoping to buy another vintage curling jacket, alas, there was not one to fit him, but, I loved the mix of spots and stripes he was wearing.

 A shame I cut off the head of this proud papa.....You can see this couple are just thrilled with their 7 week old baby girls.

I had a huge lunch from Hearty Catering.....kept me satisfied all day, and the girls from Sunshine make me my own special blend of smoothie to give me energy.

20 June 2012

New life for our old tree

The magnificent oak trees in our neighborhood are almost 200 years old and some are getting to the end of their natural life .


 We were very worried about our favorite in the back yard. Large rotted holes in the trunk and it swayed alarmingly during the recent storms. We did not relish the thought of the neighbors suing us if a branch crashed through their kitchen.

 Reluctantly  ( 'cos we knew it would not be cheap) we called in some arborist for their opinion. Actually, we called 5. One took one look and said 'too dangerous', another immediately said 'Oh, that has to go'.

 Finally we chose   Shady Lane,  who promised to save the tree if they could and thought they could lighten the load from the main branch.

 I must say I was impressed. The 3 man crew showed up on time, were knowledgeable, polite, worked quickly and cleaned up!

They came with lots of cables  and stump grinding equipment. So what if we can't afford to eat out for a year.

Soon, the tire swing will be installed again in its rightful place. Last week we had an local alderman, a journalist and a social worker bemoaning that their childhood plaything was missing.

Not only do we have a handsome cathedral canopy and more light in the garden, we have firewood for a couple of years too.

17 June 2012

A work in progress

My pitch at the Brickworks Farmers Market is a work in progress.

 Lots of space, but I am still working on where to put the table.  It was Knit in Public week so I bought my knitting and one person saw my tweet and cycled down to join me for an hour.

 As usual there was lots going on, it is a real happening place on Saturday mornings.

 This interesting troop from Grupo Axe Capoiera were performing and promoting in the sunshine, I must say they were easy on the eye. There were other entertainers too, but I was fairly busy and could not get down to see them.

A learning moment at my table that I always encourage.

Loved the way this customers tattoos played with the polka dot dress.

15 June 2012

Positive feedback

If this is not positive feedback I do not know what is.

Last month I sold some 60s fabric from my shop. This is what Kaitlin and her mum, from 2Lefthandz made,
a fantastic hobo bag that is now for sale in their etsy shop. They even gave my shop (lots of shops here) a link in the description! Now, that is what I call good marketing.
Their bags are joyful and playful with lots of character.

10 June 2012

Evergreen Brickworks market 2012

My first day back at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market for 2012...I have sold there since the first season ...2007 I think. Nice to see everyone and I was made to feel very welcome.
 It is my favorite market.


This year I have a new spot at the back end of the Pavillion.  A bit isolated but I think I can make it work as I have two ready made 'quilt racks' ...the structures surrounding old machinery.  The space is somewhat quirky as it is an old industrial site. I have plans.....more  on this next week.
As usual my breakfast was delivered to me by  the great Chez Vous catering......Yummy.

05 June 2012

Wardrobe memories

Lois, from 13threads has invited all who wish to participate, to join  in an  interesting thread, inspired by the  photographic project The Memory of my Wardrobe by Ida Taavitsainen.

Here is my story.
In late 1962 I met a Canadian fellow and we started to date, even invited him to my parents pub for Christmas.
His birthday is in late January so I set off one lunchtime with my boss, Carol Serokin, to buy a present.
We worked on Great Portland Street in London and it was just a 5 minute walk to Jaeger in Regents Street.  I found just the right thing as the said boyfriend was always cold in England with no central heating. A beautifully made camel hair waistcoat, the back is also camel hair and it is fully lined.
 The fawning salesman asked  if I wanted large or extra large. Carol, who was 5ft 7" and a bit on the tubby side was not a good model. I hesitated, said the boyfriend was much, much bigger, whereupon, salesman said " Madam must remember that Madam is so petite that any gentleman will seem large to her"
 I bought the extra large. I think he liked it.
We became engaged that April and married in September......still a great waistcoat.

Unsurprisingly many of the threads I have read refer to the now husband. 

I have been a follower and an admirer of 13threads ever since I began in blogland. I'm sure Lois would love to hear from you too.

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