20 June 2012

New life for our old tree

The magnificent oak trees in our neighborhood are almost 200 years old and some are getting to the end of their natural life .


 We were very worried about our favorite in the back yard. Large rotted holes in the trunk and it swayed alarmingly during the recent storms. We did not relish the thought of the neighbors suing us if a branch crashed through their kitchen.

 Reluctantly  ( 'cos we knew it would not be cheap) we called in some arborist for their opinion. Actually, we called 5. One took one look and said 'too dangerous', another immediately said 'Oh, that has to go'.

 Finally we chose   Shady Lane,  who promised to save the tree if they could and thought they could lighten the load from the main branch.

 I must say I was impressed. The 3 man crew showed up on time, were knowledgeable, polite, worked quickly and cleaned up!

They came with lots of cables  and stump grinding equipment. So what if we can't afford to eat out for a year.

Soon, the tire swing will be installed again in its rightful place. Last week we had an local alderman, a journalist and a social worker bemoaning that their childhood plaything was missing.

Not only do we have a handsome cathedral canopy and more light in the garden, we have firewood for a couple of years too.


  1. We live with old trees too.. and one actually fell onto the neighbors property a pine.. and our neighbors fell into our yard..so we had 2 removed..But..the Maples.. and different pine.. are groomed by such fantastic men as you have found..I take photos when they come because I cannot believe their abilities..so many feet up in the air..and all such nice young men..One of them,,his dad..is 80 and still prunes the pretty pines.. he saved one from Witches Broom for us:)

    I admire them so much.

  2. Glad they were able to save it,
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Well done Jan for putting the effort (and money) into saving that tree. It looks exciting with all that expensive machinery - not to mention the fit men!


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