17 June 2012

A work in progress

My pitch at the Brickworks Farmers Market is a work in progress.

 Lots of space, but I am still working on where to put the table.  It was Knit in Public week so I bought my knitting and one person saw my tweet and cycled down to join me for an hour.

 As usual there was lots going on, it is a real happening place on Saturday mornings.

 This interesting troop from Grupo Axe Capoiera were performing and promoting in the sunshine, I must say they were easy on the eye. There were other entertainers too, but I was fairly busy and could not get down to see them.

A learning moment at my table that I always encourage.

Loved the way this customers tattoos played with the polka dot dress.


  1. Hey Jan looks like lots of fun! Have a great week...

    Warm hugs,


  2. The arm suits the textiles:) I am watching Chuck Hughes on a French show at the moment..while blogging..he has several tattoos:) they look great on him too.
    I would think that visiting your spot would be so interesting and fun.
    I wish I had not parted w/ all my leftover fabrics when we moved here~

  3. Sounds like great fun Jan.

    This blogger identity thingy gets worse. One of the words I'm going to have to type in for approval is the no.14 which is displayed by way of a French enamel house number plate. Bizarre eh? If this gets published, you know it works!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful week Jan - sure looks like fun!


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