24 June 2012

Saturday at the Brickwork's market.

Its difficult to capture the quirky space I have at the Brickworks Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

 Two pieces of antique foundry equipment are surrounded by a (rather ugly) metal fence, so I am able to use them as a 'quilt rack'. I try to make the space colorful and inviting.

 Still a work in progress. I had injured my shoulder hanging  heavy wet quilts on the line, thank goodness Trish was there with her massage tent to give me some attention. Trish and Jean (a reflexologist) are added value to the market.

 This gentleman came by hoping to buy another vintage curling jacket, alas, there was not one to fit him, but, I loved the mix of spots and stripes he was wearing.

 A shame I cut off the head of this proud papa.....You can see this couple are just thrilled with their 7 week old baby girls.

I had a huge lunch from Hearty Catering.....kept me satisfied all day, and the girls from Sunshine make me my own special blend of smoothie to give me energy.


  1. Yes, you have made your spot very colorful. I got a kick out of that old granny afghan. I made quite a few of those long, long, long ago. :)

  2. Love the orange and yellow design and your stall looks fabulous. You've used the metal to full advantage. Take care of that hurt shoulder.

    Are you reading anything wonderful? I'm reading The King's Mistresses by Elizabeth Goldsmith. It's about the Mancini sisters (Marie was Louis XIV heartthrob for a time).


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