26 June 2014

scarf of the month, June

Every thing a souvenir scarf should be.

It is.....

 * colorful
* playful
* has a map
* heavy rayon
* one side is selvedge
* 1950s - 60s
* sense of time and place

Lots more souvenir scarves here

23 June 2014


This is most likely the only time you will get a recipe out of me.

Although I consider myself a good cook I really have not baked for about 15 years.

But the charming blackboard recipe at Eat Me Fruit and Vege, an independent grocer in Nelson, and the fact I was on holiday and very relaxed changed my mind. I thought I would give it a twirl.

Pacific Plum Cake was so good I made it 3 times ( well, I had to buy 1k of flour)  I also made it with peaches.

La Table de Nana and The English Kitchen, the two excellent cooking blogs I read regularly, would be proud of me.


2 cups ripe plums, cut into slices             4 eggs
150g butter ( softened)                           1 cup caster sugar
2 cups shredded or desiccated coconut   2 cups self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder                                1 cup milk ( 1/2 milk & 1/2 yogurt, yum)

In medium bowl, separate eggs & beat whites till they form soft peaks. In larger bowl, beat butter & caster sugar until creamy. Add yolks one at a time, beating between,then FOLD in coconut, flour, b/powder & the milk yogurt mixture.
FOLD in egg whites and carefully spoon mixture into a round spring form tin. gently plop plum slices evenly into the mixture around the tin.
Bake 1 1/4 hours at 150 or until knife dipped incomes out clean. Serve warm with yogurt and plum slices.

*** I found the oven temp a bit too low .....but we all know our own ovens.
Also great cold, lasts for a week, feeds at least 8.

15 June 2014

a prize boxer

Not content with having a fractured shoulder I managed to break my nose as well.

 I stumbled over the pavement outside Dutch Dreams.
 When my old man returned the next day to photograph the scene of the accident the city truck was already there, spraying several parts of the sidewalk bright orange.
I look like a prize boxer.

I had been out at a couple of thrift stores with my granddaughter who lives in England. She has a great eye, wish I had photographed the Doc Martins, hand knitted Cowichan style sweaters, Roots duffle coat and more that she scored. But she has gone up to Lake Temagami  to be a camp councillor for the summer.

My treat was this super Valentino scarf . ( needs a wash)

 I love it but would rather have a normal face.

09 June 2014

A fit of pique

The neighborhood garage sale took place this weekend.The weather was just right , the organizers did a stellar job and  the streets were thronging.

I could not participate this year because of my fractured shoulder, goodness knows I have enough stuff to sell.

 In a fit of pique I stayed home and sulked.

However,  I took some photos of my footstool!! that I have had for  many, many years.

It has the original art nouveau chenille upholstery.

The bench is very ' springy' which make it a magnet for small people  ( that would be you, Oliver) to jump on. As  well,  it is useful for  grown up feet, rear ends,  plates, newspapers and so on.
 Consequently the fabric is wearing thin.

Should I make a cover to preserve the original fabric  or just enjoy as is?  WWYD?

05 June 2014

Better late than never

My favorite garden bouquet of the year. Lilac with lily of the valley.

So what if it is June already, the perfume wafts through the house.

I'm sure I show you this every year, along with images of the last bouquet of the  year.

01 June 2014

Lacy bits

With my arm in a sling it is pretty difficult ( as well as painful) to lift, fold, iron etc new items to list in my etsy shops. Heaven knows I have enough.

 Vintage ties I can manage, but they are all listed now.

A friend was coerced into groping the back of a cupboard to pull out these shoe boxes of lacy bits......I had not forgotten them, just never got around to retrieving them.   

 I can cope with light pieces of lace and have enjoyed sorting, grouping and listing this week.

Would feel better if I were not so bloody fed up with etsy and their constant tests. I realize that only a small portion of buyers and sellers are involved, but this latest test of 'hiding' shipping costs until checkout is pissing me off.
 The 'shipping and policies' tab is still there, if a potential customer clicked on, saw no shipping prices , they would conclude I was unprofessional or lazy or dishonest. Canada Post shipping is high enough as it is, I don't need this roadblock as well.

If anyone has a moment, could they click on one of my shops and let me know if my shipping prices are showing
foulardfantastique  ( always free shipping)

many thanks.

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