09 June 2014

A fit of pique

The neighborhood garage sale took place this weekend.The weather was just right , the organizers did a stellar job and  the streets were thronging.

I could not participate this year because of my fractured shoulder, goodness knows I have enough stuff to sell.

 In a fit of pique I stayed home and sulked.

However,  I took some photos of my footstool!! that I have had for  many, many years.

It has the original art nouveau chenille upholstery.

The bench is very ' springy' which make it a magnet for small people  ( that would be you, Oliver) to jump on. As  well,  it is useful for  grown up feet, rear ends,  plates, newspapers and so on.
 Consequently the fabric is wearing thin.

Should I make a cover to preserve the original fabric  or just enjoy as is?  WWYD?


  1. Good question. It's beautiful as is, and a cover would look like--a cover.

    I'd keep as is till you get a big hole in it, then I'd do a patchwork job on it, maybe with some tea-stained antique linen, and then...:-)

  2. I'm with Dawn on this one I think. I would, however, when it does get totally beyond repair, attempt to keep a small section just as a memento. Perhaps attached to the bottom side of the stool. For posterity, and the memory.

    1. good idea MA....I wish more folks would keep just a wee piece of original fabric.

  3. I'd keep it as it is too - it's been loved and it shows.

  4. Definitely keep the original material, it is still beautiful although past its best. But then aren't we all :) You can get specialist fine netting to keep fragile textiles in place and it doesn't really show. And perhaps just try and cut down on the small people bouncing on it and use it with care, it will last you a good few years yet.

    Jean x

  5. I will ask at the Textile Museum for that netting..,
    I might have luck with the small people, but not the large, I fear, Specially those with dirty shoes.

  6. I think the wear and tear adds to it's charm....how are you healing? Is there progress? I hope so...


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