31 March 2012


TAFA....Textile and Fiber Arts is a group of artists/entrepreneurs   from all over the world whose work is rooted 
in textiles. I am happy to be a member.


 Rachel Biel is the force ( and what a force) behind it. I first 'met' Rachel when I commented on her blog Rayela's Fibrefocus, she often writes about ethnic textiles, is very knowledgeable and generous with help and advice.

 I was delighted when she featured me, amongst many others, in her latest Tafa blog 'Q is for Quilt'
Do check it out and enjoy, Rachel is ever controversial and always speaks her mind!

Scroll right down the  list, you will be amazed at the variety, talent, professionalism and creativity you will find.
 I sometimes find the membership list quite intimidating!

28 March 2012

what a difference a day makes

Oh no!! I knew this would happen. I knew we would be punished for the wonderful March weather we have  had.

 My magnolia yesterday....so hopeful.

 This morning...after -4 last night, (sob sob)

 I reckon all the flowers will drop tonight, even though we are going up to 18 degrees today ( so they say).
But, plod on with

 a request to show a certain quilt in my shop photographed outside. Usually, I do not put this view in the etsy listing as the line is not high enough for me to show the whole quilt, and it is not a splendid view in the side drive. . Even now, the quilt is dragging on the floor.

The very, very pale blue in this piece does indeed show up better outside, perhaps I should always try this? All suggestions welcome.

26 March 2012

A day at the market.

Sunday at St Lawrence Market.....not a good day. In fact, dreadful!

There were lots of people milling about....they just were not buying.

 I did manage to sell the green 30s fabric and the green 70s quilt you see peeking out on the left, that just about paid for the booth.  

 A sign of the times I suppose. Came home to find I had sold more in my etsy shop than at the market, so the day was not lost.

 Jeanette, who sets up a different color scheme each week, had her Easter colors on display. Those egg cups are adorable.

To cheer myself up I treated myself to a piece of majolica for my collection.

23 March 2012


As most of you know Ontario is having a record breaking spring, temperatures at 25 and 26 degrees.

 Our lawn is a mass of  vibrant blue scilla.

 The magnolia is starting to burst. Here you can see a nest from last year, soon to be hidden again. Wonder if the birds will return.

 Indoor hyacinths perfume the entire house.

 Even the Christmas cactus is having another go...

and quilts that have not seen the light of day for a few years are getting an airing (and a rinse) 

20 March 2012

A bete noire

Out and about the thrift stores yesterday. Not a lot to be had.

 This is one of my bete noires...a perfectly nice 1950s silk scarf ruined (at the moment) by a huge sticker. I have  found this sort of thing on a Chanel scarf too! Its  even worse than the tag applied with 6 staples.
I do wish they wouldn't.

 Another blanket  label for my collection, unfortunately the blanket needs a bit of work, a rebind looks in order.

However, the day was not lost with 2 more vintage Liberty scarves....whoo hoo....must have well over 700 by now.
 I will also confess to buying a dozen or so more  interesting scarves for my etsy shop, including a London Selfridges souvenir. This is the second  one I have found in a month, never had one before and I have been collecting for 30 years.

16 March 2012

Unveiled at Te Papa

One of my favorite museums in the whole world is Te Papa in Wellington, NZ.

Dita von Teese wears VivienneWestwood 

Last month I caught, by chance, a visiting exhibition from the V & A.......
 "Unveiled" 200 years of wedding fashion.
Not your typical Kiwi experience, a real 'girly' show and more than well attended. Lots of eye candy, with film clips and interactive sites ( as in 'post your own wedding photos')   Te Papa excels in visitor participation.  I was happy to leave R in the cafe with a new book and spend a couple of hours by myself ,having a good look around.

dress and coat c.1965

One of my  favorite  wedding dresses  was worn in 1969 by Pamela Harlech, alas I cannot locate a still, but you can see the dress  here, in this link. ...a news clip that was also being shown as part of the exhibit.

So, I am showing a dress and coat from about the same time (for sale in my shop, wouldn't you know)

12 March 2012

I knew I was right.

Remember this? I was positive this silk scarf was an old Liberty print and today I found another in a different colorway with the vintage tag. It is quite filthy so I'm off to wash it in Eucalan, as I do all my scarves. (not paid for by Eucalan though that would be nice)

 At the same thrift/charity/op shop I picked up a souvenir from The Costa Line  A bit newer than I usually buy, but sure to become collectible soon, don't you think?

Bethany has just let me know she has featured a couple of my souvenir scarves in her glamorous  blog from Australia...all in all a good day.

08 March 2012

Back to the Grindstone

Back to the grindstone on etsy--if truth be known, I enjoy it.   My shops have been re-opened after 2 months away.

 Fabriquefantastique is jogging along, items are still being re-newed  as I plan to spread the listings out over a week or so. A couple of sales right away as clients had seen images on Pinterest...good to know that.

 New stock is needed for Boutiquefantastique and I am not feeling very motivated. A trip to the thrifts to  find something fabulous will fix that!

Foulardfantastique has remained open as the stock traveled with me. Tons of vintage scarves are waiting  to  be listed . I plan to double the size of the shop and add new sections-- gentlemens scarves, winter scarves, shawls and stoles and perhaps 'crafting lots' or 'sale lots'. That will keep me busy.

05 March 2012

Textures from New Zealand

Interesting textures taken whilst walking in New Zealand......I love texture and textiles.

 Great inspiration for fabric printing,

 for embroidery, both hand and machine

 knitting and crochet,

 and weaving.

Collage, perhaps.

What a pity I do not do much creative work these days.

 Mmmm, Mmmm, so tactile.

02 March 2012

the kindness of bloggers

How kind of my blogging buddy Gina to send me lots of scarves whilst I am in New Zealand. She lives in Australia and figured the postage would be cheaper. (she was right. )  Gina has many blogs,  mostly textile related, I don't know how she keeps them all up so well.  One of her blogs is devoted to vintage aprons, what I good idea, I am thinking of  opening another etsy shop that will feature just that. Does anyone have any ideas for a shop name?
Thank you Gina.

 Some of the collection Gina sent me.
Not bad, eh?

 A Jim Thomson scarf and another floral Thai piece that I have worn non-stop since it arrived. I think south sea silks are wonderful and often overlooked. Certainly there seems to be more available in this hemisphere.

I believe this London square is quite old,  pre-coronation (1953) at the very least,  possibly a WW11 patriotic scarf.

Alas, I have to make my way back to Canada tomorrow,  I am very sad but still lots of NZ blogs to come.

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