26 March 2012

A day at the market.

Sunday at St Lawrence Market.....not a good day. In fact, dreadful!

There were lots of people milling about....they just were not buying.

 I did manage to sell the green 30s fabric and the green 70s quilt you see peeking out on the left, that just about paid for the booth.  

 A sign of the times I suppose. Came home to find I had sold more in my etsy shop than at the market, so the day was not lost.

 Jeanette, who sets up a different color scheme each week, had her Easter colors on display. Those egg cups are adorable.

To cheer myself up I treated myself to a piece of majolica for my collection.


  1. Aleast you covered your costs, and the sales from your etsy shop must have cheered you up as well as the pretty Majolica!
    Hope next time is better for you.

  2. Hi Jan, Sorry about your slow day. Your purchase is a gorgeous color.

    Please send me your address so I can send you something wonderful for the sweet little hankies. xoxo

  3. ...I think if my mom and I had been there we would have definitely dug out our wallets. I think the darkest hour is before the dawn...so just wait!


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