28 March 2012

what a difference a day makes

Oh no!! I knew this would happen. I knew we would be punished for the wonderful March weather we have  had.

 My magnolia yesterday....so hopeful.

 This morning...after -4 last night, (sob sob)

 I reckon all the flowers will drop tonight, even though we are going up to 18 degrees today ( so they say).
But, plod on with

 a request to show a certain quilt in my shop photographed outside. Usually, I do not put this view in the etsy listing as the line is not high enough for me to show the whole quilt, and it is not a splendid view in the side drive. . Even now, the quilt is dragging on the floor.

The very, very pale blue in this piece does indeed show up better outside, perhaps I should always try this? All suggestions welcome.


  1. By showing the quilt on your blog, you are able to give a more complete impression--however, I must agree with you about my reluctance to show certain perspectives of a piece (especially in my studio when it's a mess) :-)

    This is a gorgeous quilt!

  2. Oh what a shame..your poor magnolia!

  3. Oh - I really struggle with photographs for Etsy. It's very difficult to get a good shot that depicts the character of the entire piece. I know that's not helpful.

    Enjoy spring! I know I am. I think the poor flowers and budding trees don't know what to do with this weather.

  4. How sad you've lost all those gorgeous blooms.
    Last year the hard frost robbed my Camellia of every bud, but this year it's covered in flowers. Hope you get a longer season next Spring.


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