31 March 2012


TAFA....Textile and Fiber Arts is a group of artists/entrepreneurs   from all over the world whose work is rooted 
in textiles. I am happy to be a member.


 Rachel Biel is the force ( and what a force) behind it. I first 'met' Rachel when I commented on her blog Rayela's Fibrefocus, she often writes about ethnic textiles, is very knowledgeable and generous with help and advice.

 I was delighted when she featured me, amongst many others, in her latest Tafa blog 'Q is for Quilt'
Do check it out and enjoy, Rachel is ever controversial and always speaks her mind!

Scroll right down the  list, you will be amazed at the variety, talent, professionalism and creativity you will find.
 I sometimes find the membership list quite intimidating!


  1. What a nice post, Jan! I'm so glad that you finally have your member profile up on TAFA! I admire your knowledge and enthusiasm for all of this good work.

    Am I really that controversial? I try to be conciliatory.... Heh, heh. And, I had forgotten that we had met through my blog. How time flies and takes us through winding roads, eh? Lots of water under the bridge... Many thanks for making my path more interesting!

  2. Great post, Jan; I agree, the talent of members combined is quite formidable.

  3. Congrats for the recognition! How very nice. :)

  4. With your wide variety of beautiful textiles you certainly are an asset to any textile group you join. Thanks, Jan.

  5. I followed the link on this post and found your gorgeous hexagon quilt; it's so beautiful. :-)


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