29 October 2012


 The almost obligatory fall foliage piccies,  this year taken from inside as I am housebound for a few weeks.

 Difficult to capture the glorious autumn evening light as it shines through the leaves. The whole house has a wonderful golden glow......a very flattering light for the complexion. .

 Alas, I think all the leaves will be down tonight with the hurricane force winds that are forecast

 Huge, very aromatic lilies from a neighbor, a get well gift. The perfume scents the entire house.

The last of the dahlias. I am not too fond of these 'dinner plates', but adore the wee bronze chrysanthemums you can just see peeking out. We have a huge, old clump that appear after a frost. Lets see what is left of the garden after the storm.

25 October 2012

Radium blanket

An unusual and interesting blanket that I have just listed in my etsy shop.

As far as I can make out,  in the early 20th century radon was the new health fad,  thought to have restorative  and curative properties. I believe this blanket reflects that time. The label is  (was) perhaps, jumping on the bandwagon.
I note that Radium Hot Springs only notes its relaxing qualities now.

Wonder if this blanket was made for a hospital or sanitarium.......must try it to see if it will relieve my arthritis. 

19 October 2012


Inspired by  Linzee who blogs at Pearl the Squirrel  (and a very good blog it is, a woman after my own heart )I was determined to take a few photos of my hospital stay. But guess what ....I forgot the camera...

Bill Blass silk scarf

So you will have to make do with some of the usual textile images (from my etsy shop wouldn't  you know)

1930s cotton fabric

I could have photographed  the splendid view from the 9th floor of The Toronto Western Hospital....old and new Toronto, looking down to Lake Ontario, I could see all the way to Hamilton.   There was a wonderful weeks worth of spectacular autumn sunsets.

1940s white work

  I could have made a food journal, but that would have been boring.....specially as I refuse to eat or photograph anything I cannot identify .

1930s yo yo quilt

 I could have written about the books book I read, but there are many better book bloggers around...

vintage cheater cloth

So I will just have to report that my hip replacement went very well......Canada has the best health system in the world.

08 October 2012

my last market

Some images of my last market day for the season. 

  This beautiful antique black and green handwoven blanket found a new home....

 but not the red and green one.

 A 1950s red |Hudson Bay point blanket never stays on the rack for long, but my 1967 centennial quilt is proving a little harder to move.

 Pretty pastels move well...

 and next year I must take the vintage  Pendleton shirts out sooner.

 Starting to make a hole in the vintage mohair pile, (shown over some old industrial machinery)  as well as the plaid blankets.

Its a shame I have to call it quits now, as my stock is suited to the cooler weather and I don't mind being outside in the cold.
But I am off for another hip replacement tomorrow (Grrrr) so will be MIA for a week or so.

Also.....dear readers, does anyone know how I can fix my blogger side bar...I cannot change the information.

02 October 2012

a day at the thrifts

A trip to our local thrift stores was in order yesterday. I had not been for a month and was having withdrawal symptoms. 

 Besides, I needed to replenish my stock. I picked up a load of beautiful old silk scarves, like this floral 1950s number. Some are  making their way into my etsy shop.

 But, these two are staying with me. An vintage black wool shawl from India, exquisitely hand embroidered in pastel silk thread, from the 60s or before I think. 

 and a long silk crepe scarf in the most gorgeous shade of delphinium blue, with hand inserts at the ends.
Oh, and 3 Liberty scarves for my collection, and a couple of very interesting souvenir scarves.....more on those at a later date.

 A smashing Norwegian sweater. Ethnic sweaters have been selling very well at the markets this year.

 An Aran hand knit in an unusual bright guardsman red. Aran sweaters are a constant seller for me.
. I am  a label person, specially when it reads 'made with love by Jean'

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