02 October 2012

a day at the thrifts

A trip to our local thrift stores was in order yesterday. I had not been for a month and was having withdrawal symptoms. 

 Besides, I needed to replenish my stock. I picked up a load of beautiful old silk scarves, like this floral 1950s number. Some are  making their way into my etsy shop.

 But, these two are staying with me. An vintage black wool shawl from India, exquisitely hand embroidered in pastel silk thread, from the 60s or before I think. 

 and a long silk crepe scarf in the most gorgeous shade of delphinium blue, with hand inserts at the ends.
Oh, and 3 Liberty scarves for my collection, and a couple of very interesting souvenir scarves.....more on those at a later date.

 A smashing Norwegian sweater. Ethnic sweaters have been selling very well at the markets this year.

 An Aran hand knit in an unusual bright guardsman red. Aran sweaters are a constant seller for me.
. I am  a label person, specially when it reads 'made with love by Jean'


  1. Ah, I use to knit those Dale of Norway sweaters all the time. Lots of work for a guy who really doesn't like the feel of wool.

  2. Wow, some great finds! :)

  3. Love the red Aran sweater - great find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. How come you keep finding Liberty scarves in thrift shops? Are they mad in Canada? Loving the Scandinavian style sweaters - is it because of all the Danish/Swedish T.V. dramas around at the moment? I assume you get those there too. We are always getting Sarah Lund sweater patterns in magazines etc. I like them but I'm too short so they make me look like some sort of square cuddly toy that keeps toppling over as they are also heavy.

  5. I've been keeping an eye out for more scarves for you, but there hasn't been anything interesting around for months. Lots of scarves yes, but all polyester, not made in Europe...hardly worth buying. I'll keep looking though! Hope your hip operation will leave you feeling better than before :-)


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