30 December 2013


- 12 Celsius here.....the sort of weather that freezes the nostrils. 

 So I am amusing myself by listing vintage souvenir scarves to my shop.

 and dreaming of where is a better ( warmer)  place to be.  Perhaps not Blackpool this time of year.

Maybe Siena, though I don't think the weather would be guaranteed, but the food would be good.

 Sicily might be more like it.

Now we are talking....Africa.

--shameless self promotion--

26 December 2013

Christmas Day

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.......

The snow started Christmas Eve and it was still snowing Boxing Day morning. Guess who dug the front path?

Our street survived well.

The only picture I managed to take of Oliver, 3 years old next week, clambering out of his high chair so he could get back to his new yellow truck.

Trust you all had a lovely day.

22 December 2013


Hurrah....1000 sales in Fabriquefantastique.

504 in Foulardfantastique, as predicted the 500 mark was passed with a multiple sale.

 Boutiquefantastique, still languishing at 298, but perhaps folks will have some Christmas money.


 Brrrrr.....250,000 without power in Toronto and they may not get it back by Christmas!!!

18 December 2013

Colder than???

Its colder than a witches tit here in Toronto

 But it does not do my new found quilts any harm.....freshens ' em up. I say.

 I believe this is called ' Tulip Pot' .....Encyclopedia of Applique   40.24.  It has a nice Pennsylvania Dutch feel about it and perfect 1930s colours.....in good condition too.

A somewhat pedestrian Dresden Plate, 1940s perhaps. Good condition, I might put it in my etsy shop, not sure yet.  

11 December 2013


So near and yet so far in my etsy shops.

 Fabriquefantastique is at 999 sales.

Foulardfantastique....494 sales.....though it might only take one more order to reach 500 as folks often buy multiples.

Boutiquefantastique..198 sales, this is my slowest shop, tons of competition.

I shall put a stop press announcement here when I reach the milestones.

08 December 2013


I have been unable to find any name for this quilt block , now for sale in my etsy shop.    

Even my trusty 'Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt  Patterns' by Barbara Brackman is not providing me with the answer. Barbara is my heroine and EoPQP is my bible.

 What a shame it is out of print,

Look at the condition of my copy....see the prices on used copies!  If you spy a copy anywhere, snap it up.

It appears that this pattern is a 9 patch with a small center square, but I may be wrong.

02 December 2013

Sacred Stitches

At the end of October I caught the last day of Sacred Stitches,

a multi-faith week-long exhibit of ecclesiastical embroideries and textile art to mark the 100th anniversary of the Ecclesiastical Needleworkers of the Diocese of Toronto,held at St James Cathedral, here in Toronto.

My photos do not do this rich exhibition justice as no flash photography was allowed , and anyway, I was too interested in the textiles to think about pics. It was a thrill to see them up close and personal.

   Textile arts from across Canada and all faiths were on display. Rather than me banging on about it you may want to click on some if the links below, much better pictures too.





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