25 September 2013

no scarves....

 I expect you are wondering why I have not posted about my Hermes scarves lately......or my Liberty scarf collection....or my Jacqmar collection. The truth is I have not found any since the spring!!

 Oh, I have toddled around the thrifts and come up with this suitably autumnal quilt  TBM  ( to be mended)

 A rug for the cabin, commercial,  but I like it anyway. Again, suitably autumnal.

 And I must say I was thrilled with this bag of  Hunterdon yarn.  Not sure what I will make with it but I am am sure I can find room in my stash baskets.

But no scarves for my collections.

19 September 2013

last few weeks

We are making the best of the last few weeks of summer at our cabin in the Georgian Bay.

As usual I took along plenty of mending and knitting. The 1930s Dresden Plate just needed a rebind and it washed up well,

 But these two, alas, are a little to far gone and will have to be sold as 'cutters'.

It is my favorite time of year, not many people about. But we do have a new friend.

15 September 2013

on the needles

A tiny new baby born to friends in France. Since my granddaughter will be starting university in Paris next week I asked her to choose a newborn hand knitted  sweater from my present drawer that she can take to give.

All sweaters ( and this is just a small sample)  knitted from the same 1930s pattern with vintage pure wool, mostly from thrift shops. 1950s or earlier if  I can get it. Note my vintage buttons ! Monica chose to take the middle one .

This one is just off the needles. 1970s 4 ply wool crepe, lovely to handle, wool  from an op shop in Lower Hutt, NZ.

On the needles at the moment, some inherited sock yarn. I never did quite get the hang of knitting socks.
Looks as if I may not have enough so I am knitting in a few rows of a mottled gray Rowan yarn, bought on the cone in Yorkshire for 10p. If the gray stands out too much I will edge the neck and sleeves with it to tie it together visually.

08 September 2013

Drying out

Here we are packing for the Christie Antique Show yesterday.. The weather report was 'iffy'. Possible showers in the afternoon.

 Wrong again. It started spitting as I was setting up at 7am and by 9.30 there was a tremendous down pour for about an hour, followed by light showers for the rest of the day.
My stock was covered with large sheets of clear plastic.
No pics, as usual, I am much too busy.

Surprisingly, I did fairly well, considering the circumstances.
 My favorite customer, at about 2 pm, was a young man negotiating for a woolen trade blanket.  Finally he said " how about $95 plus a glass of wine?"   Sold!......he shoved the money into my hand, trotted off and came back 5 minutes later with a glass of plonk for me and a beer for himself. That improved my mood quite a bit.

Also surprising was the amount of punters out, dressed for the event....wellies, rain gear, huge umbrellas and enjoying themselves.

So today I have been drying out......lovely weather of course, not too hot and breezy.
It has been as much work as the show.....I think I am getting too old for this kind of lark.

04 September 2013


Its been a while since I did a market day post.

Last Saturday at the Brickworks was not wonderful financially, long weekends seldom are,  but I managed to enjoy myself nevertheless.

As usual, quilts were hung about the industrial scaffolding.....

 I  took along some mid century barkcloth remnants


and a pile of vintage picnic blankets

Finally got to meet Emily Foden,who showed me a most beautiful shawl she had designed, knitted and dyed the Yarn! It is divine and it will be published on Ravelry in due course.

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