15 September 2013

on the needles

A tiny new baby born to friends in France. Since my granddaughter will be starting university in Paris next week I asked her to choose a newborn hand knitted  sweater from my present drawer that she can take to give.

All sweaters ( and this is just a small sample)  knitted from the same 1930s pattern with vintage pure wool, mostly from thrift shops. 1950s or earlier if  I can get it. Note my vintage buttons ! Monica chose to take the middle one .

This one is just off the needles. 1970s 4 ply wool crepe, lovely to handle, wool  from an op shop in Lower Hutt, NZ.

On the needles at the moment, some inherited sock yarn. I never did quite get the hang of knitting socks.
Looks as if I may not have enough so I am knitting in a few rows of a mottled gray Rowan yarn, bought on the cone in Yorkshire for 10p. If the gray stands out too much I will edge the neck and sleeves with it to tie it together visually.


  1. I would have chosen that one with the lookalike Breton stripes too for a French baby. I love baby clothes, they make me go all silly.

  2. I love 30s and forties knitting patterns. I have a few that I intend to knit up one day. You're fortunate finding vintage wool I only tend to find newish wool.
    The colours on your latest one are gorgeous.
    Have a great week

  3. Lovely little sweaters! I just purchased some sock yarn and have signed up for a toe-up sock knitting class at Craftsy....wish me luck!!

  4. I am sure your grand daughter will love studying in Paris.... My daughter works there and has no intention of leaving!
    Julie x
    Cute sweaters x


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