30 December 2011

Stiff on the line

The first really cold snap left this 1930s star quilt stiff as a board.  I had to wrestle it inside. No harm done, in fact, I think it helps the old quilts.
Toronto has got off lightly this year, with way above average temperatures for November and December. 
Knew it could not last forever....

27 December 2011

over for another year

Christmas is over for another year, so it is back to documenting my passions.

Another blanket label for my slowly growing collection. 

two interesting Richard Allen scarves....both from the same set, I have shown one before.  I wonder if there are any more?

But I can't let Oliver's first Christmas go by without posting these:

 "Someone said there were presents in here"

"Come on guys, I'm ready for my second helping"

23 December 2011

Everything under control

Everything is under control at our house.
The Christmas cactus is blooming as it should. This sucker is huge with stalks 2" diameter, we have had it about 35 years. My daughter found it abandoned on the curb.

 The poinsettias are a super deep rose.

 Holly from the neighbors yard. They are away and told me to help myself...honest.

 The wreath has been on the door for a month.

 The tree is all decorated and smells divine.  We still need a topper as the angel, that my son made from a toilet roll tube 35 years ago in Grade 1, has bit the dust.

 And the lights are on the tree outside. Actually, they never come off. The tree is now about 30ft, the lights were put on when the tree was about 18 feet high, people wonder how we managed to get them inside the branches.

have a lovely season everyone.

19 December 2011

My magazines

My new friend Elizabeth is renovating and needed to find a new home for two years worth of World of Interiors, a lavish British decorating magazine. Just up my line, how could I refuse? However, they will not stay long at my house as my son has informed me he 'must have them'. My neighbors, who drop by, swoop like vultures onto the pile in the hall. Must schedule some  quality reading/ browsing time soon.


I am still plowing through that huge box of antique Needlecraft magazine that Maryanne gave me last year.  They are a never ending source of pleasure and knowledge. This Christmas 1924 issue has a terrific article on how to turn corners in knitted lace. I specially like how the original owner wrote all over, listing what she liked on the front cover and perhaps, an offspring practicing her/his script inside 

The only magazine subscription I have is to Selvedge, again, a British publication. Beautifully produced, I sometimes find it a bit pretentious, I wish it were a little more academic with longer articles  but I am always interested in the subjects. The ads are always of interest too.

The subscription I would like is to Piecework, perhaps I will treat myself in the New Year.
having a ghastly time with this new version of blogger, hope this post turns out OK, you all know what a techno dinosaur I am.

13 December 2011

My treat

A treat arrived today. My copy of 'A Stitch in Time. vol 2" that I had ordered pre-publication sometime early in the year. As I always read 'Just Call me Ruby' , author Susan Crawford's blog, I know that there had been all sorts of glitches, so I assumed it would be for ever before it arrived in Canada, most likely whilst I was away.

But no....the very big book, plus some goodies, is here now.
Above, is a sweater that I would like to knit.....not saying that I actually will, but it is up my line. There are over 80 patterns from 1930 - 1959, all re-written and re-sized with very few items that I do not covet.

I have always been a fan of the original 'A Stitch in Time' even before it was called vol1. I believe it was published in the early 1970s. Here are some photographs of my granddaughter in 2010 wearing some of the 1940s patterns that I knit in the 80s. I still wear the red blackberry stitch cardi.

and I just dug out this Tyrolean cardi, again taken from the original volume from a 40s knitting pattern. I also have "the Mans Knitting Book' by Jane Waller, a social historian who collaborates with Susan, somewhere. I read old patterns like novels.

Oh, I am going to have a wonderful time.

11 December 2011

me and my Miele

An ode to my Miele washer and dryer.

My Miele washer and dryer have been with me for about 18 years, I believe they were floor models and the doors open the wrong way for my basement laundry room.

I wash everything in the machine, antique quilts, blankets, cashmere sweaters, Cowichan sweaters and general household laundry. Vintage quilts are usually line dried.

Used on an almost industrial basis, even abused by others using any old detergent and overloading, I have never had a moments problem.
But, what is this I see on their website? likely life span is about 18-20 years!! Guess I had better start looking for a good sale.
Blog not sponsored by Miele, though that would be nice. A box of Persil, perhaps?.

08 December 2011

vintage sheets

Since starting to sell on etsy I have become enamored with vintage sheets.

They are sold on that site whole, or in fat quarters or even in scrap bundles....thousands of listings. They are made into dresses, place mats, aprons, bunting, wreathes, quilts and purses. You name it, it can be found made of a vintage sheet.
Pam, of Warm Hugs Design decorates her booth with bunting made from sheets when she sets up at a craft show.


They even have their own very lively blog that I read almost every day. There is a whole community of sheet lovers out there.

Here are some I have picked up in the thrift stores recently, not sure what I am going to do with them yet...but I like 'em.

05 December 2011

last market for 2011

Yesterday was my last market day for 2011. I can't say I am upset as it has been a roller coaster year.

Here are some vintage scarves I had to offer.

Jeanette set up an all blue table, as some of you know she brings a different colour scheme each week.

Interesting display case down the aisle from me,

and Robert had nice, warm colours at his stand.

No excuses for not making a start on Christmas now!

PS, bloody blogger is on the fritz again so I can't make any comments on your posts.....Grrrr

01 December 2011

The seasons haul....so far

The Christmas church/community rummage (jumble)/ bazaar season is in full swing.

My haul so far includes lots of Liberty scarves to add to my collection.

above has a 70s look to me.

I have lost count how many I have, must be about 800 by now. It will be a little while before I organize them further. I did make a start a month or so ago.

A lovely 50s Jacqmar, I am wearing it already. I may have this in other colorways.

Lots of ' designer' scarves, not necessarily my favorites, nor even very good ( I will never sell them with a remark like that)

but these two Ferragamo are extremely nice. The bottom one was made for NYU....how very strange. I may also keep the yellow one for myself, it has the Hermes style inward rolling edge.

This Ungaro is defiantly staying with me, it is a very large oblong with wonderful saturated colour.

This seasons Hermes has a lot of colour bleed, a common accurance with Hermes silk scarves. I don't even like the equestrian theme, but hey! its Hermes.

made in Switzerland for/by Rolex...( whoops, just found it on line for $160, well, its most likely in better condition than mine, apparently it was printed in a 'limited edition! )

and this one for Grand Marnier. I often wonder if these 'corporate' silks were givaways, extra stock for their airport shops or corporate gifts. They usually are quite opulent, after all, who wants their very valuable brand name to be associated with schlock.

and two big baskets of beautiful silk scarves from the 40s - 80s ready for market. I am seriously thinking of opening another etsy shop just for scarves, I would have no problem with stock....what do you think?

28 November 2011


Whilst lying in bed this morning I mused how few (none) vintage blanket labels I had added to my flickr collection recently,

when it struck me I was underneath a couple right then. A nice Kenwood, which was the house label for Eatons, a Canadian department store chain,

and a really ugly label from New Zealand on an otherwise lovely cantaloupe and cream check wool blanket. Never have been a duvet person.

Speaking of wool, may I draw your attention to this, needled , a well written blog that I read almost every day. This post is about a favorite sweater. Kate is a designer who lives in Edinburgh.

26 November 2011

A week without a market

The first weekend without a market for a long while, just as well as I have a streaming cold.

An evening out at the National Ballet this week to see a new production of Romeo and Juliet, choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky.The John Cranko production ( so dear to my heart) has been retired.
I have a little quibble in an otherwise strong, visually delightful performance. Act 11, where Mercutio and Tybalt die, just did not do it for me...I felt no strong premonition of the inevitable tragedy. The male dancers were outstanding.

Here is what I would have liked to have worn. An imaginative, well cut dress from 13 Threads. Lois hails from Edinburgh and always has some interesting, hand made garments on offer.

I also fancy this bag, not necessarily for the theater, Free Rein Designs uses real, used horse tack to make her stock....what a great idea. Marci's bags are all handsome and one of a kind.

22 November 2011

Bonus market day

A bonus day at The Brickworks Farmers Market.

The winter indoor space is not ready for the farmers yet so some of us set up outside one last time.
A new spot for me, but it does help to have the van beside me.
Apparently there is no room for non-food vendors throughout the winter, alas. It is my favorite market, plus I get to do the grocery shopping.

I have just picked up a couple of 1940s quilts. The rather rustic Dresden Plate is already up on etsy.

and this one with embroidered roses soon will be!

each rose is a different colour. I always hang a new find up on the line, that way I can give it a thorough inspection.

Roses seems to be in very good, clean condition, I am hoping for the rain that is forecast to give it a good rinse so I will not have to wash it.
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