05 December 2011

last market for 2011

Yesterday was my last market day for 2011. I can't say I am upset as it has been a roller coaster year.

Here are some vintage scarves I had to offer.

Jeanette set up an all blue table, as some of you know she brings a different colour scheme each week.

Interesting display case down the aisle from me,

and Robert had nice, warm colours at his stand.

No excuses for not making a start on Christmas now!

PS, bloody blogger is on the fritz again so I can't make any comments on your posts.....Grrrr


  1. Ah, ha! Problems with blogger today. :\

    I hope you do well at your markets. It is so rainy and dark here that I doubt it would be a good time to be taking merchandise out to display it anywhere. I used to participate in markets for my granddaughter's school - lots of lugging stuff in and out, setting up, taking down.... :\ If I had made a lot of money at the markets, I wouldn't have minded, but I didn't. I am so happy with my Etsy store now where the audience is International.

  2. You were able to make a lovely comment on my blog this morning. Thanks!!! Your vintage fabrics are gorgeous and the other vendors looked like they had very interesting vignettes, too. Thanks for a peek!!!

  3. Always having problems with blogger here too! I would love to get a real life closer look at that blue table, so much there! Really like your blog. Sherry :)

  4. What lovely colours you have on your table and the surrounding ones would be fun to browse. Take care.

  5. Blogger oh blogger!!!! That's why I changed to Wordpress.
    Lovely looking items for your last sale of the season, I hope you did well.
    Have a happy festive season, greetings all the way from Wales

  6. Hope you had a great market day for the last one of 2011...

    Love your market photos!

    Warm hugs,


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