01 December 2011

The seasons haul....so far

The Christmas church/community rummage (jumble)/ bazaar season is in full swing.

My haul so far includes lots of Liberty scarves to add to my collection.

above has a 70s look to me.

I have lost count how many I have, must be about 800 by now. It will be a little while before I organize them further. I did make a start a month or so ago.

A lovely 50s Jacqmar, I am wearing it already. I may have this in other colorways.

Lots of ' designer' scarves, not necessarily my favorites, nor even very good ( I will never sell them with a remark like that)

but these two Ferragamo are extremely nice. The bottom one was made for NYU....how very strange. I may also keep the yellow one for myself, it has the Hermes style inward rolling edge.

This Ungaro is defiantly staying with me, it is a very large oblong with wonderful saturated colour.

This seasons Hermes has a lot of colour bleed, a common accurance with Hermes silk scarves. I don't even like the equestrian theme, but hey! its Hermes.

made in Switzerland for/by Rolex...( whoops, just found it on line for $160, well, its most likely in better condition than mine, apparently it was printed in a 'limited edition! )

and this one for Grand Marnier. I often wonder if these 'corporate' silks were givaways, extra stock for their airport shops or corporate gifts. They usually are quite opulent, after all, who wants their very valuable brand name to be associated with schlock.

and two big baskets of beautiful silk scarves from the 40s - 80s ready for market. I am seriously thinking of opening another etsy shop just for scarves, I would have no problem with stock....what do you think?


  1. great finds! you have an amazing collection!! :)


  2. 800?? Oh my. I think I'm speechless! These are lovely.

  3. I'm learning so much from you about scarves...and loving the photos - so beautiful.

    Warm hugs,

  4. I love the oriental 70's number.

  5. They are beautiful! I should have hung on to my Mom's old scarves. ;)

  6. Oh Jan, you do have a well honed eye for finding these little jewels. I love all of them. They are slightly addicting.

    Another ETSY just for scarves- great guns, you are a rock star. (I can't figure out the Etsy Feedback section after you make a sale.)


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