19 December 2011

My magazines

My new friend Elizabeth is renovating and needed to find a new home for two years worth of World of Interiors, a lavish British decorating magazine. Just up my line, how could I refuse? However, they will not stay long at my house as my son has informed me he 'must have them'. My neighbors, who drop by, swoop like vultures onto the pile in the hall. Must schedule some  quality reading/ browsing time soon.


I am still plowing through that huge box of antique Needlecraft magazine that Maryanne gave me last year.  They are a never ending source of pleasure and knowledge. This Christmas 1924 issue has a terrific article on how to turn corners in knitted lace. I specially like how the original owner wrote all over, listing what she liked on the front cover and perhaps, an offspring practicing her/his script inside 

The only magazine subscription I have is to Selvedge, again, a British publication. Beautifully produced, I sometimes find it a bit pretentious, I wish it were a little more academic with longer articles  but I am always interested in the subjects. The ads are always of interest too.

The subscription I would like is to Piecework, perhaps I will treat myself in the New Year.
having a ghastly time with this new version of blogger, hope this post turns out OK, you all know what a techno dinosaur I am.


  1. I love magazines! I use to get Selvedge but stopped I do get Country Living (UK) and have done for years, I also subscribe to a lovely making magazine called Mollie Makes, I love flicking through with a cup of tea and my feet up...one day I will actually do some of the projects!

  2. Glad you're still enjoying the needlework magazines! I keep looking at the Piecework one and wondering if I should succumb.

  3. I have a dozen or so old Needlecraft magazines. They're beautiful (but they're falling apart). And a real treasure trove of ideas.

    A word about Piecework -- I had a subscription but let it lapse and now buy it from the local booksellers, because dealing with the subscriptions service the magazine uses DROVE ME NUTS. No exaggeration.

  4. I've heard Selvedge is wonderful. I have subscribed to Piecework the last 4 years and really love when they write about the history of certain techniques, often accompanied by old samples, photographs, and journals or notes such as those you have found in the old Needlecraft magazines. PS I envy you the stash of those Needlecraft magazines! They are true treasures.

  5. I love how you paraphrased your son...!

  6. Hi, I just wanted to say welcome as a new follower!
    Jane x

  7. Hello Jan, those magazines look like a dream. I don't subscribe to any magazines at the moment, had to stop, no more space!! Thank you for your support during the year, have a lovely Christmas holiday with your family, and may 2012 bring you many productive days. Cheers.

  8. A fun pile of magazines--- I like all of them, too. The cover, with the scrolling border, is really pretty on the Needlecraft one. I agree with your comments on Selvedge. Happy reading.

    Joyeux Noêl!

  9. Glad you're still enjoying the needlework magazines! love magazines too. best for the holidays


  10. How lucky you are to be given all those lovely magazine and what a great time you will have reading them all. I have a subscription to Selvedge too and love it. Oiecework is great if you like reading about the history of things. Have a happy Christmas, are you in Canada or coming to the UK? Heike

  11. That should keep you busy through the long winter nights :-)
    All the blessings of the season to you.


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