11 December 2011

me and my Miele

An ode to my Miele washer and dryer.

My Miele washer and dryer have been with me for about 18 years, I believe they were floor models and the doors open the wrong way for my basement laundry room.

I wash everything in the machine, antique quilts, blankets, cashmere sweaters, Cowichan sweaters and general household laundry. Vintage quilts are usually line dried.

Used on an almost industrial basis, even abused by others using any old detergent and overloading, I have never had a moments problem.
But, what is this I see on their website? likely life span is about 18-20 years!! Guess I had better start looking for a good sale.
Blog not sponsored by Miele, though that would be nice. A box of Persil, perhaps?.

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