23 December 2011

Everything under control

Everything is under control at our house.
The Christmas cactus is blooming as it should. This sucker is huge with stalks 2" diameter, we have had it about 35 years. My daughter found it abandoned on the curb.

 The poinsettias are a super deep rose.

 Holly from the neighbors yard. They are away and told me to help myself...honest.

 The wreath has been on the door for a month.

 The tree is all decorated and smells divine.  We still need a topper as the angel, that my son made from a toilet roll tube 35 years ago in Grade 1, has bit the dust.

 And the lights are on the tree outside. Actually, they never come off. The tree is now about 30ft, the lights were put on when the tree was about 18 feet high, people wonder how we managed to get them inside the branches.

have a lovely season everyone.


  1. Have the very happiest of Christmas's...enjoy your time with family.

  2. It all sounds and looks perfect! Have a wonderful time over the holidays and all the best for the New Year! loisx

  3. Love your Zygo Cactus and Poinsettia - our Poinsettias come out during out Winter so we don't have them for Christmas. Happy Christmas!

  4. You are ready then, ;)
    Have a wonderful Christmas x

  5. Very Christmassy, everything looks perfect! Have a fantastic Christmas! :) x

  6. Outside tree lights -neat way to light a tallllll tree. Do you continue to add lights to the string? Thanks for visiting my blog. Your Christmas Cactus is amazing - mine did its blooming earlier in the season but I loved every single bloom.


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