27 December 2011

over for another year

Christmas is over for another year, so it is back to documenting my passions.

Another blanket label for my slowly growing collection. 

two interesting Richard Allen scarves....both from the same set, I have shown one before.  I wonder if there are any more?

But I can't let Oliver's first Christmas go by without posting these:

 "Someone said there were presents in here"

"Come on guys, I'm ready for my second helping"


  1. Oliver is such a little darling! There will be many more wonderful Christmases to come for him!

  2. yes he is, he is coming tonight for leftovers.

  3. Oliver is so cute! Looking forward to reading more posts from you in the upcoming new year! Take care~

  4. Cute baby..hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a very happy New Year from Wales

  5. Oliver is so cute! Hope you have lots of fun with him in the New Year, best wishes for 2012! :) x

  6. Love the Ayers label let alone the wonderful pink wool blanket.

    Happy New Year to You. Loved reading your posts this year.


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