27 January 2016

a few billion bucks

A few days in Los Angeles on my way to New Zealand.
A lovely, if tiring,  day out at the Getty Villa

and the next day at the Getty Museum.
Both are almost overwhelming in riches.

They have the loot of the world!

All this followed by a fabulous concert by the LA Phil in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Its wonderful what you can do with a few billion $$$$$$

07 January 2016

A pest of a pattern

Condition is not  of the utmost importance  to me for my growing collection of vintage patterns.

In fact, I like the marginalia, and enjoy the intimacy of these old notes.

 " This one please or Ringside " ( that would be the pattern on the inside back cover,)
Which one did he received,?  what colour was it? Did it fit?

Laughed about this one, " not hard, but a pest of a pattern."
 G Nesbit  marks most of her leaflets " v good", " not good" or " 3 25grm balls for the jacket and bootees ( just)"  

 I wonder whether she is Gwen, Glenda , Gwyneth or maybe, Georgiana.
I bet I would have liked her.

03 January 2016

First of the year

A great collection of unfinished quilt tops.

Bought from a nameless source ( OK, a country quilting shop that is going out of business ) I am slowly adding them to my etsy shop.

I have 11 altogether, some more alluring than others.

I believe they were made in a class held at the shop  - not sure.

Schoolhouse is my favorite.

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