07 January 2016

A pest of a pattern

Condition is not  of the utmost importance  to me for my growing collection of vintage patterns.

In fact, I like the marginalia, and enjoy the intimacy of these old notes.

 " This one please or Ringside " ( that would be the pattern on the inside back cover,)
Which one did he received,?  what colour was it? Did it fit?

Laughed about this one, " not hard, but a pest of a pattern."
 G Nesbit  marks most of her leaflets " v good", " not good" or " 3 25grm balls for the jacket and bootees ( just)"  

 I wonder whether she is Gwen, Glenda , Gwyneth or maybe, Georgiana.
I bet I would have liked her.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. A knitted vest and knickers!! Are you tempted to knit them? Would you have any takers?

    1. yes, I am tempted to knit them, not sure about the takers,
      What did you delete, bet it was naughty.

    2. Just what I was thinking too Jan.. hi Lynn:)

  3. Reading about the knitters comments on the patterns made me think about our 'system' we use in cookbooks. There's a smiley face (obviously for good ones); a smiley face AND exclamation points (REALLY good); and there's NDG (for 'no damned good').

  4. I LOVE marginalia, in any spot I find it. In old textbooks, cookbooks, patterns like these--such fun to think about the person that was there before you!

  5. absolutely, a way to connect with the past,

  6. very lovely and nostalgic. I used to be very careful with books but eventually I realised notes not only helped me but others who followed. I particularly notate in recipe books now. It was a darling read, thank you


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