26 August 2012

cleaned up on scarves

Did well with the vintage Liberty scarves last week, I picked this little lot up all in the same thrift shop. I wonder if they belonged to the same person.

 Two very pretty and wearable paisleys. Specially love the subtle blue/green that has Liberty written all over it. From the 50s - 60s I should think/

 An unusual fine wool that probably comes from the 70s. I only have a few wool ones in my collection.....dare not tell you how many scarves I have.....

 Even rarer, for me, is this soft silk chiffon, again, 70s .

 Very happy with this charming, complex floral....most likely the same era.

Finally a Jacqmar.... haven't found one since January whilst in New Zealand, it has rather late 50s look to me.

23 August 2012

Coronation Knits

Brag, brag , brag. This week I received my giveaway prize. A copy of Susan Crawford's new book 
'Coronation Knits. If truth be known I would have bought it anyway.

 I was determined to enter the draw on every site of the blog tour until I won, but, as luck would have it I was first time lucky when I entered on Helene's super blog about knitting in Iceland
BTW, all the blogs on the tour are on my regular reading list.

 As some of you may know I only knit from  vintage patterns and have long been a Susan Crawford and Jane Waller fan....

and besides, it gives me another opportunity to show you a sweater I knit in the 80s from  a 1940s pattern published in 'A Stitch in Time' vol 1 modeled here, a couple of years ago by my granddaughter.

17 August 2012

Fabric on Friday

Its been a few years since I have found some tropical barkcloth. Today I came home with 4 large panels in reasonably decent condition. I just had to photograph them before they even came out of the

Another interesting 50s piece. This is the center of a fitted bedspread with a deep, canary yellow grosgrain flounce. Trouble is, fitted bedspreads are a hard sell, shall I unpick it and just sell the fabric? Seems a shame as it is very well made.

13 August 2012

Only in Canada

Only in Canada would you find a beautiful concert hall and a Hockey Hall of Fame sharing the same purpose built building. But they do, here in Parry Sound. They also share a magnificent site.

Parry Sound is an old logging town and was a railway division point...now sadly logged out. We were there for The Festival of the Sound, an annual summer shindig of chamber music. The much needed rain came so it was an ideal time for a concert.

The rain kept up for most of the weekend, but it did not dampen the Wild Blueberry Festival at the Brickworks Farmers Market. The place was heaving.

What with the festival and the rain I was late leaving the market. A couple of wedding parties arrived for their photo shoots. The brides dresses were getting filthy.

I park my van in a very tight space between some old industrial machinery and always have to have help  backing out. This time I was guided by 6 dapper groomsmen, dressed in gray tuxedos with yellow ties and pochettes.  They were all charming, gesticulated wildly and yelled instructions to each other and me in
Korean.......only in Canada!

08 August 2012

A little publicity

A little publicity never does any harm.

Today I was featured in an on line magazine Vitamin Daily, Toronto 
Of course I have become a subscriber ( its free) and am enjoying my daily dose.
 What I like about this on line mag is that the posts are just the right length. Too often I come across a potentially interesting/informative/exciting blog/mag/post that is just too long, only file it for a later date that never seems to come. Vitamin Daily is published for many cities (perhaps yours). It's fun, chatty and varied...something for everyone.

ps...the above scarf is for sale in one of my etsy shops.

05 August 2012

A scorcher

You must be bored looking at my weekly Brickworks Farmers Market stand by now, but I want to give you the sense of the space and it helps me get a better understanding of how to manage it.  

This week we were entertained in great toe tapping style by Sugar Brown Band. Their New Orleans type music exactly matched the weather......a sticky 41 degrees.

  A market shopper had seen me a few weeks ago and made a special trip to give me this bag of scarves

and this box of  pristine linens that had belonged to her mother. The kindness and generosity of strangers always amazes me. In cases like this  I like to make a charitable donation. Medicine sans Frontiers is usually my chosen recipient, but I'm happy to donate to any cause I am asked to.

The scarf bag yielded a sweet Liberty silk scarf in my latest favorite colorway, chartreuse and mustards. Definitely staying in my collection.

The linen box produced this old printed fine wool shawl. I wonder if it is a Norwich shawl? More research is needed here.

03 August 2012

my week......

Up at the lake for a few days. Fans went with me. It needed a few new 'spokes' and I found

 this old guide thingy that was a help. I am not the worlds best mender or restorer.

 Also along for the ride was a huge tablecloth, a somewhat rustic cotton appliqued with strawberries.
Here it is getting a sun bath to lighten a couple of marks, they are not quite gone yet, but getting there.

 A new project is to replicate this  40s 50s knitted scarf I found in New Zealand....nearly there, a couple of adjustments to be made. I plan to try it in other weights and yarns.

All made more pleasant by having my granddaughter along. She spends the day at camp and is exhausted by the time she gets back; all that sailing/swimming/canoeing and running about.

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