03 August 2012

my week......

Up at the lake for a few days. Fans went with me. It needed a few new 'spokes' and I found

 this old guide thingy that was a help. I am not the worlds best mender or restorer.

 Also along for the ride was a huge tablecloth, a somewhat rustic cotton appliqued with strawberries.
Here it is getting a sun bath to lighten a couple of marks, they are not quite gone yet, but getting there.

 A new project is to replicate this  40s 50s knitted scarf I found in New Zealand....nearly there, a couple of adjustments to be made. I plan to try it in other weights and yarns.

All made more pleasant by having my granddaughter along. She spends the day at camp and is exhausted by the time she gets back; all that sailing/swimming/canoeing and running about.


  1. Love your princess..
    I think I still have my doll's crib fan quilt:)So over 50 yrs old since I am almost ..shhh 60...!I love it..Pinks..I still remember when I got it.

  2. I love the tablecloth! So sweet :-)

  3. Thank jour for your visit on my blog. I have made a quilt from a jellyroll of strewberry fieldsfabrics. I love the fabrics and the small strewberrystitchery. Hugs from Norway.


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