30 July 2012

halfway through summer

Another Saturday at the Brickwork Farmers Market.

 People are starting to get to know where I am now and I have several repeat customers.

 This bubbly duo with their camera shy colleague had a grand old time with the vintage scarves. I  take  about 50 - 60 with me to market and I think they tried on every one. Their boyfriends became bored and wandered off.

  A 50s apron was just the ticket for this happy customer. How modern and fresh she looks wearing it.

Now I am off to the cottage for a couple of days, taking a quilt or two with me to mend.


  1. She DOES look so cute wearing it..
    I applaud your joy of sharing your vintiquities:)

    We have a market here that I love.. it's been here forever..every Sat..

    People from all over come..and many..most are there every yr..every Sat..(the vendors)..:) ok and some of the buyers too!

  2. I love vintage textiles too and especially love this apron!

  3. Your customers are so cute! And I love that '50's apron...I have a few German ones.

  4. That girl does look very cute in that apron. If only I had legs like that still (maybe I never did). Good luck in your booth.


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