17 July 2012

remembering Elizabeth

My good friend  and neighbor Judith gave me a collection of her mothers scarves. Elizabeth died last year.

Although I only met Elizabeth a dozen or so times over 20 years  I felt that I got to know her a little bit better as I went through her collection. She was ever the fashion plate and always immaculately turned out.

 Here is my very favorite, a delicate Liberty silk scarf, perhaps from the 70s , pearly grey, with a summery, country hedgerow pattern. I shall always remember her whenever I wear it.

 Another couple of Liberty scarves, the pink one has no label/logo, but I am 80% sure it is Liberty.
 (unlike these when I was 99% sure)

 Of course, the scarf does not have to be made for Liberty to be sold at the store. Here, an elegant, understated 'chain' motif, made in Italy.

I have always wished that I have kept the Richard Allen scarves that have come my way. I believe they were a division of Jacqmar.
What would my blog be without an almost weekly scarf post?



  1. Judith could not have picked a more worthy recipient:)

    So touching!

  2. I'm sure Elizabeth would be happy that they have gone to such an appreciative home.
    Lovely scarves.

  3. No one else could enjoy these as much as you.


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