09 July 2012

this weekend

Saturday was market day at the Brickworks.


 Thankfully the dreadful humidity broke and we were treated to a dramatic downpour at about 9am.  The noise on the overhead industrial covered roof was deafening. But it only lasted about 20 minutes, not enough to do our poor parched land a lot of good.

view from  The Terrace.

 I arrived home to find some of our roses had completely toppled over. Hmm, not sure what I am going to do about this.

 Sunday morning we pushed off to our cabin, some guests had arrived before us, they were not too happy and made all kinds of threatening gestures.

This week I plan to tackle this 1940s 'log cabin'.  . I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. Can you send some of your heat this way? Our summer just hasn't happened ... just rain, rain and more rain! Your quilts look gorgeous. M x

  2. Oui..c'est chaud here also! But a beautiful breeze right now..Much better than the dead of winter..when it's gloomy and 5 ft of snow:)

    Love your guests..You must meet so many people..Looks like great fun..a passion:)

  3. Love that log cabin quilt. Colours so simple but effective.


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