01 July 2012

Another Saturday morning

Saturday morning means the Brickworks Farmers Market for me.

 Still working on my quirky space.
  Ezra, who runs Chez Vous bought  my breakfast to me personally!!  Its  just about my favorite meal of the week.

 Dan Gallagher set up next to me, demonstrating some of his techniques. He nearly sold out of these smashing trugs that he makes.  He also bought along this wonderful courting chair and an ever so comfortable Windsor chair.

 This week I was able to have a quick whizz around the farmers at the other end of the Pavillion.

  A wee plan for my site. I am inviting the public for a 'show and tell' each week.
This is what I have come up with so far.

Textiles on the Terrace Show and Tell....9-10 am  (before I get tired and before music starts)

July 7th
Quilts.....Old and new. Bring in your family heirlooms or something you have made. Perhaps a work in progress, even a block. 

July 14th
Blankets......Do you have a blanket you love from anywhere in the world. Are you a weaver? Lets look at old labels and talk about what you consider a blanket to be.

July 21st
 Vintage Scarves....an ideal textile to collect. Relatively cheap, infinite variety and  easy to store. Wear your favorite.

July 28th
Sweaters and knitting.....Do you have a sweater from the Fair Isles, Scandinavia or Nova Scotia? Mittens from Estonia perhaps. Bring your knitting along too. We can even have a yarn/pattern swap. Vintage knitting patterns anyone?

What do you think? Any suggestions more than welcome.


  1. Sounds like fun Jan. Can't wait to see all the posts!

    Warm hugs,


  2. I'm looking forward to the theme posts too. One of those trugs would make a fabulous knitting holder beside a chair!

  3. Wish you were in UK near me, i'd come along to share and learn more. x


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