25 July 2012

She's here!

 My, how you have grown.
My youngest granddaughter arriving from England for the summer. I think it was 14 degrees when she left the UK and 38 degrees as she arrived. I had not seen her for a year so we have a lot of catching up to do.

Life goes on as usual.....another blanket label for my collection. This Hudson Bay point blanket was made in 2000, I believe the last mill in Whitney closed  about 2002 . It sold right away at the Brickworks Farmers Market last week.

 I am still playing with my unusual space. I like this side of the 'racks' better, but it is not always available.

Its useful to take photographs, that way you see the glaring display mistakes.
 Peeking over the top, at the other side of the laneway is Bernard, who runs ShelfLife. He is a terrific artisan who works with salvaged and reclaimed wood, as well as being a great help and support to me ....more about ShelfLife on another post later,  in the meantime click on Bernard's links.


  1. Enjoy your beautiful grandaughter!

  2. Your stand looks great and those quilts are very inviting. Have lots of fun with your granddaughter as they grow up too quickly. Take care.

  3. Bless her! I hope she's bought her Ambre Solaire. Although of course the U.K. is having a heatwave at the moment too - I give it 'til Friday!

  4. My GG grandfather was a sea captain for some Moravian supply thingy in London (my knowledge of this is very sketchy!) and he would be asked by their Canadian counterparts to take stuff over to them, and in exchange he would be asked to bring things back from the Hudson Bay Company (I’m sure I could have worded that better haha!). I remember as a child seeing photos of my family all dressed up in fur suits- I will have to ask my gran where they are and get some copies! Anyway have fun with your Granddaughter.
    Tupney xxx

  5. Aww, good for your! Two of my granddaughters moved to Florida and I can't wait to get them up here!

  6. The Witney mill has been converted into flats and housing now - they have kept it looking pretty much as it did, complete with chimney. There is still the Witney blanket shop nearby though - I hope that manages to stay as it's one of the last true bits of the town. (We used to live a few miles from there until a couple of months ago).


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