26 June 2016

Strawberry moon

It must have been the strawberry moon that helped me get my mojo back

and mending quilts at the cabin this week. ( Thank you Lynn )

  A simple 1930s - 40s Hourglass or Worlds Fair with lots of country charm just needs a rebind.

Some scraps of linen from the same time period will do the trick, I hope.

Off the needles my usual 1940s baby Beehive pattern. 

I actually paid retail for the creme cotton and I hated it!  A wash, block and some vintage wood buttons sewn on when I get back to the city.

On the needles, same pattern,  with some yarn I picked up at a garage sale last weekend.

  I don't  much like working with this either, but, at least the price was right.

Both my daughters and DIL are avid readers so there is never a shortage of books to read.

23 June 2016

Can you believe it?

Can you believe it?

I have actually made 333 sales in this Etsy shop of mine...my slowest shop.

 Oh,..I admit my photos are pretty bad, but, I do have some neat stuff IMO.


19 June 2016

Lost trees

The water level  on The Georgian Bay of Lake Huron is a good couple of feet higher this year.

We have lost lots of trees by the shore....drowned.......sigh.

 However, there is lots of healthy growth on trees away from the water.

I guess our small island will survive.

Back to quilts when I get my mojo back.

12 June 2016

Ethnic stuff

Putting together a little collection of   textile folk art ....for want of a better word.

That splash of red may look good at the front of my Saturday market stall,

and perhaps some knowledgeable customers will educate me.

I'll let you know.

07 June 2016


Saturday was our local community lawn sale. However,  I was working at the Brickworks Farmers market ( I had a very good day) so could not participate, though Heaven knows I have enough to sell!

market stall

Although the sale was winding up as I returned home I managed to pick up these two quilts.  Both fairly modern, the one on the left a work for Project Linus.  

sale purchases

 The other, a bit worn, but with the cutest applique pattern of a cut out doll and her paper clothes, This was my go to hobby as a child, my mum -see her pic here as my avi - would  draw the doll  on cardboard and I would design tons of outfits that I kept in old cigar boxes. The start of my textile addiction.
cut out doll clothes

A nice markets customer bought me a 1950s  Jacqmar scarf to add to my collection, just the sort of design I like.

02 June 2016

Canadians have legs!

Back at my regular Saturday morning farmers market at the Brickworks.

 As many of the farmers are not back yet, and there is still construction down by the quarry, I find my self next to Peter Finch of Rolling Hills Farm, a longtime vendor.

 We were  surprised to discover we both come from the same part of the world....Peter was bought up in Ramsgate and I spent my youth in Margate... that's in East Kent, UK......small world eh?

Last weekend was incredibly hot with a humidX of 41 degrees,

 time to discover that Canadians actually have legs!

Here is Micah from JK Frites stocking up from my other neighbour  Alli's Bread.

I expect  to be back at my old spot by the terrace  in a few weeks.

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