07 June 2016


Saturday was our local community lawn sale. However,  I was working at the Brickworks Farmers market ( I had a very good day) so could not participate, though Heaven knows I have enough to sell!

market stall

Although the sale was winding up as I returned home I managed to pick up these two quilts.  Both fairly modern, the one on the left a work for Project Linus.  

sale purchases

 The other, a bit worn, but with the cutest applique pattern of a cut out doll and her paper clothes, This was my go to hobby as a child, my mum -see her pic here as my avi - would  draw the doll  on cardboard and I would design tons of outfits that I kept in old cigar boxes. The start of my textile addiction.
cut out doll clothes

A nice markets customer bought me a 1950s  Jacqmar scarf to add to my collection, just the sort of design I like.


  1. I loved cut out dolls as a little girl, although I never made them any clothes. I got a shop-bought one and remember all her clothes vividly. When I saw the exact same one at a flea market a couple of years ago, I just had to have her, of course, though sadly some of the clothes were missing ... xxx

  2. You can still make her some more clothes, Copy some of your fab outfits!

  3. I played with paper dolls when I was little too - mine were cut from the Eaton's catalogue and mounted on cardboard.


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