26 June 2016

Strawberry moon

It must have been the strawberry moon that helped me get my mojo back

and mending quilts at the cabin this week. ( Thank you Lynn )

  A simple 1930s - 40s Hourglass or Worlds Fair with lots of country charm just needs a rebind.

Some scraps of linen from the same time period will do the trick, I hope.

Off the needles my usual 1940s baby Beehive pattern. 

I actually paid retail for the creme cotton and I hated it!  A wash, block and some vintage wood buttons sewn on when I get back to the city.

On the needles, same pattern,  with some yarn I picked up at a garage sale last weekend.

  I don't  much like working with this either, but, at least the price was right.

Both my daughters and DIL are avid readers so there is never a shortage of books to read.


  1. A strawberry moon, some knitting, quilts and a pile of books in a comfortable cabin away from it all - throw in some wine and I'd never leave ;)

    1. I am there again this week,before the kids take over for the summer
      Hows UK??????!!!!

  2. I wouldn't leave here either (well, maybe in the dead of winter I would). What more could one want - a view, a good book and some knitting. Add coffee and I'm good!

  3. I'm not a knitter but I'm a reader and that pile of books reminds me of the one I brought home from Wales. xxx


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