30 April 2011

Missed it....

I was going to post about my first year as a blogger, but I missed the date; thought it was April 29th, but I now see it was April 19th . Last year I had intended to just post one or two images with a pithy, short comment, but some how that did not happen.
Dear readers, do you prefer a short and sweet blog? Any advice gratefully received.

Inspired by Kathy at Kitteridge Mercantile, I photographed my 'to be seen to' stash, this is about one half. 'To be seen to' is not my cutter stash, or my very good quilt stash or even my medium quilt stash, just ones I have not had a proper look at. Will I mend it? sell it as a cutter? put aside for garage sale? Does it just need a wash? and is to go to the laundry room.

I took the top quilt and threw it over the line (often this is the best way for me to see the entire piece) It is minus the binding. Shall I rebind or sell as is? Still have not made up my mind.

28 April 2011

Dorothee Bis

I wanted to use my old apple picking basket, so I emptied the contents and found this great 1960s yarn, part Lurex from Dorothee Bis....the pics do not show the lovely deep coppery color. It had been forgotten, I loved it then and I love it now.

I remember I was going to knit this, may have even started it. The old Vogue knitting books were just my style.

Defiantly knitted this Jaeger pattern in a lovely heathery blue wool.....think the moths got at it.

My poor magnolia.....finally started to bloom and what happened? Big storm these past couple of days and some branches broke off, I bet it wishes it had stayed dormant. Now over 40 feet high I will show more photos when it is in full fig. (if ever)

27 April 2011

Can I hold my head up now?

Believe it or not spring seems to be on its way here. Yesterday there was a yellow haze over the forsythia and today it is trying to bloom.

There is even some self seeding silla (can't spell) in the flower bed. After months of looking at blogs boasting of their gardens ( you know who you are) can I hold my head up? Lets keep our fingers crossed.

I love the pattern of this Wheel of Fortune vintage quilt that is in my etsy shop. I may just keep this one.

25 April 2011

The latest Liberty

Thrifting today, the first time since before Christmas. Not a huge haul, some bashed up quilts, two vintage Gloverall duffle coats (still in the car) and, of course, a Liberty scarf to add to my collection. This pretty tulip scarf is unusual in that the 'logo' is printed on a pink ground.

As you may know, I only ever enter blog giveaways if I really, really want the item. This is my third time and I hope my lucky streak continues as I am smitten with this smashing cushion from Gillyflower. I do not intend to get up early to watch the Royal wedding, but expect I will watch some re runs later in the day.

22 April 2011

birthday bouquets

Still cold and grey with not much life in the garden. (see previous post) But, as yesterday was my birthday both my girls sent flowers to bring a bit of spring into the house.

R is throwing a party for me on Sunday so these bouquets will do double duty.

A hand embroidered vintage cushion cover in my etsy shop.....it has not sold, perhaps I should have tagged it 'Easter'.

20 April 2011

My poor Magnolia

Look at the date! My poor magnolia is longing to bloom, but its still so bloody cold. Snow flurries and hail last night. Today 3 degrees with a wind chill 0f -7. Usually it is here in full fig for my birthday (tomorrow) but not this year. A few bulbs, like the aliums are trying to push up. the forsythia is frightened to do anything. So depressing

But, see this very pretty soutache work on an Edwardian collar (in my etsy shop) I have never had one like it.

and of course, Oliver will always brighten my day.

16 April 2011

Post # 200....how did I get here?

This is post 200...however did I get here? I started this blog last year as I was convinced that I needed an 'online presence' to help my etsy shop. Well, my etsy shop is down, big time.
But I found that I really enjoy blogging.
What's more I love reading other blogs.......and what a variety ( well perhaps there is a common thread )

I have found I love seeing what other people find in charity, thrift or op shops, or at garage and boot fairs

I follow other vintage textile dealers, study their displays intently and pinch their ideas

I love a blog that gives me a sense of time and place.....where ever in the world
like Curlew Country in England
and Linda in Australia
and MaryAnne not far from me in Ontario.

Some blogs are very informative and I have learnt so much from

And my guilty secrets

Not to mention the vintage dressers, period costumers, embroiderers, quilters, dressmakers, collectors and other intriguing bloggers I read on a regular basis. You know who you are!
Perhaps I will get around to writing about you all for my 300th blog.

All photos from my (languishing) etsy shop.

13 April 2011

Lace and scarves

I have opened a new section in my etsy shop....Lace...take a peek and tell me what you think. I have already sold some nice tatting mats.

and this mid century souvenir scarf from New Orleans was sold withing 5 minutes of my listing it yesterday. Love the 50s graphics. I find souvenir scarves fascinating and have more of my collection here,

11 April 2011

My feet ache

Yesterday was the first vintage show I had done since my hip replacement. Truth to tell, I should not have participated, but it was the first to be held at the Wychwood Barns, an old industrial streetcar repair shop that I know well. It is in my neighbourhood, 3 minutes from my house and I wanted to be there from the start,

So forgive my rather poor display. I did not get around to photographing some of the other goodies there as I made sure that I sat as much as I could. Promise to do better in October. My good friend Marja helped me all day, she worked like a dog.

Some beaded cardis from the 50s and 60s.

a pile of vintage fabrics (sold quite well)

a bundle of 1930s quilt blocks.

I liked the spot I had, lots of natural light and I did reasonably well despite the fact I did not sell a single quilt. In October I will change the mix, perhaps some antique linens and bedspreads. Its always nice to meet a new crowd of clients.

I am exhausted and my feet still ache.

09 April 2011

Ready for the show tomorrow.

These fabrics will be coming with me to the show tomorrow,

Teasle' from Heals. designed by Judy Davies, I believe. (fabric packed in box, loaded in van, so I can't check).

large scale Swedish linen.

a couple of pieces of tropical barkcloth

06 April 2011

Prepping for the show.

Prepping for the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show this Sunday. Check out the link for other goodies.

A bunch of 1930s jackets each with a photo of the original owner wearing the garment. I have some other nice things from the same family including two dinner suits......a bit too heavy for our central heating.

I shall be taking this 40s cut velvet dressing gown.

and this 1960s, beautifully made evening gown.

I have to thank Tracey at The Vintage Bothy for giving me the impetus for this post. She does lots of lovely vintage fairs in UK and I steal many ideas from her.

More to come when I start on the fabrics tomorrow.
and the scarves!!

04 April 2011

Koerner Hall

Following the success of our Sunday matinée outing last week we decided to do it again. Leon Fleisher was playing at the Koerner Hall and we managed to get excellent seats. It is such a joy to go to this new (2 years old I think) concert hall, the acoustics are superb, it is comfortable and easy for us to get to. A magnificent job built around the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Leon Fleisher has had more surgery on his thumb so he played some pieces written for the left hand. His wife Katherine Jacobson Fleisher joined him as they played Brahms, Schubert and Dvorak together. An unusual and delightful concert.

This week will be spent prepping for the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show next Sunday. Lots of other lovely antique textiles too. I have not done a market since last summer so I will have my work cut out for me.

01 April 2011

How lucky can you get?

I am on a winning streak.

Last month I entered my very first blog givaway because I really, really wanted the prize of a vintage french linen shirt.....and guess what? I won. Julie, who runs two super French etsy shops, duly sent the shirt and I just love it!
So, encouraged, I entered another blog competition, again, I really wanted the prize of a moleskin notebook from the StrungArt collection. And guess what? I won! Suzy is sending it to me from the Netherlands.

Then I entered the weekly etsy expats treasury challenge.....the theme was 'travel'. Although I have made a couple of treasuries I had never made one to order; guess what? I won.
My prize was to choose the next theme and to pick the winner at the end of the week.
I chose Fairy Tales as the theme, needless to say there were some wonderful, imaginative
entries. I plan to feature them all in the treasury box on the right in the next few weeks.

Last night was the judging, my family and some neighbors came for dinner and we had a fun time looking at the treasuries and making a choice. Oliver (above) considers his choice.
Finally I decided on Magmabyheny with a dark selection 'so mysterious ways' . Very well done.
I cannot get the craftcult widget to show the treasury in this spot so will put it in the side bar for a few days.
Here is an example of Magmabyhenys dramatic work.

And to top everything off, I was featured in the expats blog this week. It is series written by Jacqueline of Tangentine, a talented jeweler. After a decade of living in Europe she is moving back to her homeland, South Africa. That will be an interesting experience! Thanks Jacqueline.

I'm sure expats are all fed up with me by now.

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