27 April 2011

Can I hold my head up now?

Believe it or not spring seems to be on its way here. Yesterday there was a yellow haze over the forsythia and today it is trying to bloom.

There is even some self seeding silla (can't spell) in the flower bed. After months of looking at blogs boasting of their gardens ( you know who you are) can I hold my head up? Lets keep our fingers crossed.

I love the pattern of this Wheel of Fortune vintage quilt that is in my etsy shop. I may just keep this one.


  1. Glad you have some signs of spring now :) that quilt is amazing! xx

  2. I really like the quilt too! So glad Spring has sprung. Lots of sunshine here right now but bitter northerly winds reminding us not to put our cardies away yet.

  3. Yay!!! You certainly can hold your head up now!
    In fact you may well be smirking soon as we are due RAIN! And on the day of the Royal Wedding, shock horror!!!!
    So glad for you that you can enjoy some spring floral delights!
    The quilt is a beauty!
    Gill xx

  4. Happy belated birthday! I hope your party went well. And your garden is looking lovely
    : )

  5. hah! funny comments on your garden. My solution is potted plants :)

    The quilt is a keeper. Love that vibrant pattern.

  6. Your pictures are great inspiration for fabulous dress prints.



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