04 April 2011

Koerner Hall

Following the success of our Sunday matinée outing last week we decided to do it again. Leon Fleisher was playing at the Koerner Hall and we managed to get excellent seats. It is such a joy to go to this new (2 years old I think) concert hall, the acoustics are superb, it is comfortable and easy for us to get to. A magnificent job built around the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Leon Fleisher has had more surgery on his thumb so he played some pieces written for the left hand. His wife Katherine Jacobson Fleisher joined him as they played Brahms, Schubert and Dvorak together. An unusual and delightful concert.

This week will be spent prepping for the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show next Sunday. Lots of other lovely antique textiles too. I have not done a market since last summer so I will have my work cut out for me.


  1. What a beautiful place!

  2. Good luck with your fair, I hope that you don't spend more than you take, which may be the case for me with two brilliant ones to do this weekend!!
    T x

  3. Good luck with the Fair Jan, it is like riding a bicycle, you'll be back doing what you do well, in no time!

  4. What a beautiful concert hall and the programme sounds a treat, I bet you had a lovely time.
    Wishing you well on Sunday all the way from Wales.

  5. Hi! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog a few days ago - am so glad you did as now I've found yours!
    The concert hall looks superb, and it sounded a great programme.
    I love concerts but the last I went to was nearly a year ago at the Royal Albert Hall to hear Handels Messiah at easter - was fantastic!
    Am looking forward to browsing
    through your blog as I too love vintage fabrics!
    Good Luck with the fair!
    Gill x

  6. beautiful quilt, gorgeous.

  7. It must have been a wonderful concert and what an awesome venue. Hope the fair goes well for you. Take care.

  8. Super lovely blog!



  9. What an amazing looking concert hall! Good luck at the fair too
    : )

  10. Hi jan!
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment.
    The cushion on the post you left your comment was for a giveaway which has now ended, but if you would like to still show my cushion I would be flattered. I am having another giveaway for the Pink and Blue Union Jack Cushion which is also on a post for the 4 March,and which does not end until the end of April - did you mean to leave a comment on that one? Sorry if I've confused you by having two posts and two giveaways!!
    If you have time please pop back and leave a comment on the Royal Wedding giveaway post for the Union jack cushion - and feel free to show that one on your blog and link back!!!
    What a small world - you all the way across the world in Canada and from Kent! I'm near Brenchley, whcih is near Tonbridge where I was born - spent a good few years in London and now Im back in Kent!
    Lovely to find your blog, you have some great stuff in your Etsy shop!

  11. I'm sorry Ive mixed you up re@ the cushions!!!! But dont worry Jan I will make sure you are in the draw!!!!!
    Gill xx

  12. Hey, I recongnize that quilt!
    Getting ready for my very first craft faire next weekend. Hope yours goes swell!


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