09 April 2011

Ready for the show tomorrow.

These fabrics will be coming with me to the show tomorrow,

Teasle' from Heals. designed by Judy Davies, I believe. (fabric packed in box, loaded in van, so I can't check).

large scale Swedish linen.

a couple of pieces of tropical barkcloth


  1. What lovely fabrics - I do hope you have a very good day. xx

  2. hope you have a wonderful day.♥

  3. Thanks for visiting:) You can spit if you want, the picture in my header is an ornamental cherry in a pot in my garden, it flowers very early (finished now), a real beauty.
    You are right, shows come and go, at least I didn't have to travel far for this one:)

  4. Oh looks like that will be a good day, hope you enjoy yourself

    All things nice...

  5. I am happy you decided to follow my little blog because its led me to yours. I have been looking and looking and reading and reading and finding it all so interesting. I've also popped over to your etsy wedding dress shop...gorgeous. Why would anyone buy a new dress when they could wear one of yours? Almost makes me want to renew my vows! (not really, but I'd like to play dress-ups)


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