28 April 2011

Dorothee Bis

I wanted to use my old apple picking basket, so I emptied the contents and found this great 1960s yarn, part Lurex from Dorothee Bis....the pics do not show the lovely deep coppery color. It had been forgotten, I loved it then and I love it now.

I remember I was going to knit this, may have even started it. The old Vogue knitting books were just my style.

Defiantly knitted this Jaeger pattern in a lovely heathery blue wool.....think the moths got at it.

My poor magnolia.....finally started to bloom and what happened? Big storm these past couple of days and some branches broke off, I bet it wishes it had stayed dormant. Now over 40 feet high I will show more photos when it is in full fig. (if ever)


  1. The magnolia blooms are beautiful - I hope it doenst get too damaged, am looking forward to seeing it - 40' high it must look fantastic when in full bloom.
    The wool looks lovely - will you make something with it?
    Gill x

  2. Oh that yarn is great! How about knitting up a few autumn/ winter wraps, it looks perfect!

  3. Oh dear, poor Magnolia tree


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