25 April 2011

The latest Liberty

Thrifting today, the first time since before Christmas. Not a huge haul, some bashed up quilts, two vintage Gloverall duffle coats (still in the car) and, of course, a Liberty scarf to add to my collection. This pretty tulip scarf is unusual in that the 'logo' is printed on a pink ground.

As you may know, I only ever enter blog giveaways if I really, really want the item. This is my third time and I hope my lucky streak continues as I am smitten with this smashing cushion from Gillyflower. I do not intend to get up early to watch the Royal wedding, but expect I will watch some re runs later in the day.


  1. The Liberty scarf is beautiful.
    You are lucky to be able to pick up quilts, even a little bashed up - here good vintage quilts are like hens teeth unless you pay lots to purchase from an antique or textile specialist,or off ebay - I guess because we don't have the quilting culture through generations that you have in Canada and the US, so there aren't so many around - you don't generally just come across them.

    Thankyou for the link! I'm glad you like the cushion - good luck for the draw!

    Gill x

  2. Beautiful little scarf, Jan. Have you ever visited Liberty's of London? I love their scarf patterns.
    I want to go shopping with you... you find some gems.

  3. Great finds on your thrifting trip Jan, thanks for your comments on my blog, Love Helen xx

  4. Beautiful scarf...good luck with the draw and hope the sun is out and warming you now x


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