01 April 2011

How lucky can you get?

I am on a winning streak.

Last month I entered my very first blog givaway because I really, really wanted the prize of a vintage french linen shirt.....and guess what? I won. Julie, who runs two super French etsy shops, duly sent the shirt and I just love it!
So, encouraged, I entered another blog competition, again, I really wanted the prize of a moleskin notebook from the StrungArt collection. And guess what? I won! Suzy is sending it to me from the Netherlands.

Then I entered the weekly etsy expats treasury challenge.....the theme was 'travel'. Although I have made a couple of treasuries I had never made one to order; guess what? I won.
My prize was to choose the next theme and to pick the winner at the end of the week.
I chose Fairy Tales as the theme, needless to say there were some wonderful, imaginative
entries. I plan to feature them all in the treasury box on the right in the next few weeks.

Last night was the judging, my family and some neighbors came for dinner and we had a fun time looking at the treasuries and making a choice. Oliver (above) considers his choice.
Finally I decided on Magmabyheny with a dark selection 'so mysterious ways' . Very well done.
I cannot get the craftcult widget to show the treasury in this spot so will put it in the side bar for a few days.
Here is an example of Magmabyhenys dramatic work.

And to top everything off, I was featured in the expats blog this week. It is series written by Jacqueline of Tangentine, a talented jeweler. After a decade of living in Europe she is moving back to her homeland, South Africa. That will be an interesting experience! Thanks Jacqueline.

I'm sure expats are all fed up with me by now.


  1. Shirl/artophile01 April, 2011

    Jan, have you bought a lottery ticket yet? With the streak of luck you're on now would be a good time to try!

    Oliver is a very handsome fellow and did a fine job choosing the winning Treasury!

    Great post!

  2. Jan, Lucky you!!! What is your secret, please do tell;)) Have a great day and enjoy your good luck...

  3. I`d buy a lottery ticket if I were you! You`re obviously on a roll!Good Luck and well done on your lovely prizes.

  4. I love the treasury you picked! Hope your good luck continues!

  5. Sounds like you are on a roll, my friend, congratulations on your goodies. Winning IS ever so fun. What an adorable baby.

    Happy Spring...it just can't be too far away.

  6. well done you! I haven't won anything yet.
    will have to enter more!!

  7. Well Done and lucky you!
    Sounds like you're on a bit or a roll with winning giveaways!!!
    Dont forget to pop back to my blog and enter my Royal Wedding celebration giveaway!
    (Details on sidebar)
    Look forward to checking out the etsy expats

  8. Congratulations on your bloggy wins! I don't enter many (I'm usually too late, lol), but I did win a little quilt pattern book once, and I was tickled pink!


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