30 March 2011

My favorite buttons

About 7 or 8 years ago R bought me these lovely enamel art nouveau buttons....not a birthday or anything special, just because he thought they were 'me'. How right he was. I had them put on a very nice trouser suit that I wear constantly.

They were in the original box from Hancock & son, 29 King Street, Manchester. I wonder whether they are still there, I doubt it.

I use vintage buttons on my clothes when ever I can.

Love my new craftcult widgets (right) I can change the etsy treasuries in a heartbeat. I am very pleased with myself.


  1. oh Jan I adore almost anything from Liberty, fabric, scarves, and their 1900s furniture and pewter too. How lovely, I am glad such 'treasures' get used today, not just stored in a trunk somewhere♥ I picked up a cute little booklet (leaflet) from the 1980s recently about LIBERTY Scarves, thought of you as I sat looking through it with my cup of coffee. Mainly just photos of how to wear a Liberty Scarf/Shawl. sweet.

  2. Vintage buttons are so lovely! Every time I see the Nicholls buttons stall at a fibre event - they don't do many - I think of buying some. (The lady's father made glass buttons for couture houses in the 1950s and his daughter is selling off his stock.) They're so pricy, but seeing how yours really help 'make' the suit, perhaps I should invest!

  3. What a thoughtful present, they are lovely!
    : )

  4. Jan, these buttons are gorgeous - just my colours. You will be pleased to know that Hancock's is still there as Hancock's Jewellers at the same address in Manchester. I think the son took over the business and re-vamped it.

  5. I love buttons, any buttons, all buttons...these are simply wonderful!

  6. Beautiful buttons Jan, but anything with the 'Liberty' brand is beautiful. Glad they are being used and not stored away.


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