05 March 2011

Look what I have....

Radka, an interesting and very sweet blogger I follow at my stitching journey, has been working hard on Schwalm embroidery ( white work) I had never heard of this, but have found some terrific sites on the subject.

Inspired, I dug out this vintage tea time linen tablecloth, but I'm not sure what this sort of embroidery is called. As soon as I find out it will go into my etsy shop.

Look what I won!! Julie, is a fellow expat who runs a couple of luscious etsy shops from France, Dorsbien and French Fabrics. She ran a competition on her blog to see who could come up with the most stash......I hardly ever enter an online competition , but a) I knew I would win (smirk) and b) I really wanted the prize of an antique French nightshirt.
I won with a couple of pics of my Liberty scarf stash, but I could have entered my Hermes collection, or my Jacqmar scarf collection.

What Julie does not know is that I only wear antique nightdresses, from a fine lawn and lace little number from the German ambassador's family pre WW1. to a depression era bleached feedsack slip.
I am going to love this and wonder if I might be able to wear it to the beach. Thanks Julie. Her shops are certainly worth checking out.

more etsy news

Expats are having a BNR (buy and replace) tomorrow, its a lot of fun, and items from all over the world will be for sale.

I have moved etsy treasuries to the right hand sidebar and will replace them from time to time (ie, when I am featured or see one I adore). What do you think?


  1. Awesome! Congrats on the win (and lol about your other stashes).

  2. What a fabulous gift to win! Congratulations, and enjoy wearing it!

  3. Well, we might have small signs of spring, but we still get very cold and frosty nights, so we are not there yet!
    How sweet of you to link my blog, thank you:))
    I really love the embroidered tablecloth, whitework?
    Congratulations on your win!


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