25 March 2011

2 lovely surprises, both art deco

The vintage scarves that I have for sale on etsy or to go to market are kept in 3 large plastic totes in my warehouse (converted garage). Really interesting and varied pieces from the 40s -80s, that I sell very reasonably.

Older scarves, or one that go in my Jacqmar, Hermes or Liberty collection, or just my personal favorites stay in the house.
Yesterday I went to get some scarves to list, as usual I just put my hand in the tote and pull out 6 0r 7 at random, and came up with this wonderful, rich art deco silk crepe shawl from the 20s.....sort of vaguely remember it . Its in good condition, will re hem the ends.

I dearly want to keep it for myself...but honestly, I have hundreds of lovely scarves.
This morning I stuck my hand in my wardrobe to put something around my neck and out came another 20s deco silk shawl with double silk ends.

A little fragile, but still very wearable. Problem solved! I shall keep the second one and take the rust one to a vintage clothing and textile show I will be doing in April. It will look stunning.

Speaking of scarves...some one left me a message on Flickr that they wanted to buy one of my Hermes. I am a bit nervous as Flickr is a non commercial site and do not want to run the risk of my photos being removed.


  1. lovely! the top one is my favorite. and i wouldn't really worry about someone trying to buy a scarf they saw on flickr, just direct them to your shop or send them a private message

  2. Lovely scarves! They are both beautiful! Can you send the person on Flickr a private message to direct them to your shop?

  3. I love the scarves, I collect them when I travel, very handy useful souvenirs and when I wear one I remember where I was when I bought it. I particularly love an orange paisley pashmina from Nepal!
    T x


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